Written by hubby at home

14 Nov 2008

About 5 weeks ago my mate Andy came up for the weekend from London,we arranged a lads night,Andy had recently split from his long time girlfriend so was kind of on the pull,the same night my wife Julie had arranged for her to go out with a few of her friends and we agreed to meet up at some point that night.

As the night went on most of the lads ducked out and headed home so by about 11 there was only Andy and myself left,i rang Julie and she said to meet at the nearest pub between where we both were,Andy was hoping Julie would bring a girl along so he didnt look like a gooseberry,(although that was to be my fate later),Andy and me arrived at the pub first got our drinks and stood near the door about 5 minutes later in walked Julie alone,she looked stunning,i had gone out before she was ready so had no idea what she was wearing, she had a dark blue dress on that ended about 4 inches above her knees,the dress was quite low cut revealing alot of her 36c breasts,and her long brown hair looked nice too,Julie had been to the spray tan salon the day before so looked golden brown as she came in.

We made our way over towards the back of the pub and i went to get Julie a drink,by the time i got back Julie and Andy were dancing and i went over to the table and put Julies drink next to ours,Julie then came over and said Andy had gone to the toilet,When Andy got back we chatted a while and Julie then nipped to the loo,she seemed to be gone ages when she got back Andy went to get the next round,then Julie came out with the words\"ive just took my knickers off and thrown them in the bin\" i stuttered the word \"why\" she said well you did tell me a while ago that you would love to watch me dance with another guy and know i had no knickers on,well im up for it tonight,are you drunk Julie i said,she said yes a bit but i know what im doing. Andy still hadn,t returned so i said to Julie i want to see your not lying when i bend down on my chair open your legs,there was nobody behind me so she did and i got a eye full of her trimmed pussy as i looked between her legs,\"wow you have done it\" i said. i was so horny now,Andy got back not having a clue what we had just been talking about,Julie kept winking at me with a glint in her eye,then when a song came on she liked she stood up grabbed Andy by the arm and said lets dance,Andy got up still not knowing his mates wife had no panties on under her quite short dress,i watched as they started dancing i had to move chairs to get a better view,Then Julie began rubbing her bum against Andy,s hips after a few songs they came back over and sat back down.

Julie went to the toilet again and Andy by now a bit worse for the drink said\"mate dont take this badly but i\'d love to fuck your missus\" i said well she has no knickers on mate she took them off ages ago,he said i know mate i had my hand on her arse and i was sure there was no knickers on,i said well mate i dont know if i would be comfortable with you doing her maybe a bit dancing but i dont know about anything else.then i remembered that Julie was doing a two day course in London with work a fortnight later and said look if you two want to get together while she is down London why dont you arrange it.So when Julie got back i said to her why dont you meet up with Andy when you go to London,she nodded and said ok,Andy said i will meet you when you finish and we can go for a meal and a drink, Julie asked me are you ok with that,i replied yes you two are mates so why not.

Andy then spotted some old work mates and said look you two i will let you have a bit time alone he and Julie exchanged mobile numbers and off he went,Julie and me left soon after got a cab home and as we were having a drink at home she said\"are you sure you are ok with me meeting Andy\" i said yes why wouldnt i be, she said well i thought you might be a bit worried i might get upto something with him, i said why do you want to, she said no but maybe i might if im away from home and had a drink,i said look meet him have a drink and if you do want to you have my consent,but i insist that you tell me dont keep it an secret i have a right to know,she said ok we will see,we went to bed fucked like crazy i think even though we never said it we were both thinking about her London trip and her meeting Andy.

So the two weeks passed quickly and she then the day before she was going said \"am i ok to meet andy still\" i said yes you know we spoke about that and nothing has changed,she rang him that night as we went to bed\"andy are you ok to meet up tomorrow evening\" i couldnt hear what Andy was saying but Julie was giggling as they chatted for about 10 minutes, she got off the call and said yes he is meeting me at 4.30 outside my work he knows where it is,i pushed my hand under the cover to feel her pussy it was soaking \"mmmm i think you are looking forward to this your dripping you do want to fuck him dont you\" she looked a bit embarrased at me discovering how wet she was after talking on the phone to Andy and said \"yes i do\".we again had a fantastic shag this time i was saying things like this time tomorrow you will be taking a different cock in you she was almost dripping pussy juice as i teased her about her dirty trip the next day.

So next day i dropped her at the station at 6am the course did not begin til 1.00pm so she had enough time to get down and find the place,then the following day was a full day course,she rang me about 10.30 to say she was there and had found it no bother, i said ok ring me tonight,which she did about 5 to say her and Andy had met up and were having a drink then going for dinner,i was at home alone on one hand i was jealous and angry even that i had agreed to this but on the other turned on,i opened a few cans to try and take my mind off it, it got to 9.30 and still no word i text Julie to say hows things but got no reply, i then text Andy and he rang me back\"Sorry mate Julie is back at mine we only got in about a short time ago and she wanted a shower so thats where she is,she has told me you are ok with me and her,are you\" yes i said the phone went silent i dont think myself or Andy knew what to say,\"tell Julie to ring me later then mate\".

I lay on the sofa imadgining what they were doing,about 10 my phone bleeped with a message it was a picture msg from Andy i opened it and it was Julie lying naked on his bed with the words thanks mate i owe you one.

I sent one back saying enjoy her mate,and thats all i heard for the rest of the night.i rang Julie about 9am but her phone was off and Andys was just ringing, eventutally Julie rang about lunchtime and said a nervous hello,i said well how was it,she said she had enjoyed it and if it was ok could she stay over at his again that night, yes i said without even hesitating, i love you she said,Julie i said before you go answer me this\"did Andy use a condom\" no she said but its ok im on the pill why, oh its ok dont worry i said. Andy has always been a bit of a lad even when he has a girlfriend and i know he has picked up a few nasties before after one night stands, so ive just let my wife screw him without protection, and ive just gave her the ok to do it again tonight.

im going to leave it her for now but theres more to tell