Written by julies bit on the side

19 Dec 2008

I posted on here last month about my wife Julie going to London on a work course and meeting up with my mate Andy who lives down there and spending two nights in his bed,and that they never used condoms though Andy has a reputation for putting it about,well now Julie seems to have followed him in his ways,since she got back last month we have been at it every night and even some afternoons when we were both home.

About a fortnight ago i noticed how often her mobile would ring on a night about 9 and that she would get out of the room asap,when she got off the call she would say it was a friend or a work colleague after a week of the same thing i was getting a bit suspcious by this then i realised she was sleeping with her phone next to the bed every night rather than leaving it downstairs,so last friday night after another 9oclock call i decided to get to the bottom of it,we went to bed about 10 had our by now usual fun then i did the usual man thing rolled over and went to sleep but set my alarm to go off at 1am, the alarm woke me up i remembered straight off why i had set it, i quickly turned it off then after making sure Julie had not been woken by it got up moved round to her side grabbed her phone and went downstairs,i checked the call log the same number was ringing her every night between 9 and 9.15,and it wasnt different people as she had said.the number was stored without a name just a dash,i then went to messages there was nothing from(dash) but i checked her saved messages there was about 20 from dash going back to the end of last month,i opened the oldest one first and there it was the evidence which in some ways made me sick but in other ways got me aroused\"hi hun cant wait to see u at work wear that little black little skirt for me\" a few of them were pretty harmless but most of them were proof enough that she was tarting about with another man,i copied the number into my phone and put her phone back on her bedside table.

I lay next to her for ages wondering who it was i dont really know anyone from her work.whats he like tall short dark blonde is he married and just after a bit of fun,or is he single and trying to steal her from me.the next morning after what seemed like 10 minutes sleep her alarm went off and up she got she brought me the usual cup of coffee in bed and then we got up,i didnt want to just accuse her even though the evidence was pretty heavy, so i popped out in the car drove round the estate and rang the number on my phone,after a few rings it was answered \"hello\" i just froze i didnt know what to say the guy said hello again then whispered tosser as he hung up,i went back home sat Julie down and told her what i suspected at first she was annoyed that i had checked her phone but told me she would probably do the same thing,she admitted that she was having an affair with a guy from work called Rob who was single 25 years old and the office eye candy to the women, a few of them knew she was seeing him and they were all jealous of her,i asked how long for and it began just after her fling with Andy last month, she said that being with another man had stirred something inside her and she wanted more excitement than i was giving her,she is 41 and flattered by the attention of a younger man,up until a month ago my sexy wife had(to my knowledge) only had sexual contact with me for the last ten years since we met and now she had slept with two men and my overwhelming feeling was not anger but lust for her and her body.

I didnt even pretend to be angry i just closed the living room blinds told her to pull off her jeans and panties and fucked her hard on the sofa we were at it for ages we must have began around midday and by the time we did finish the half time scores were on skysports, everytime i cum i would think of her being pounded by this Rob and get a hard on straight away,i,ve told her i want her to keep fucking Rob but rather than shower when she gets in on a evening after being with him wait until i get home and let me put my cum in her on top of his,they did use a condom she says the first few times but then just started going at it as soon as they got to his flat.Rob is leaving the company anyway in february and is moving away so im happy to share Julie with him til then.i havent mentioned it to her yet but im even checking out swinger clubs in the area so i can watch her in action,i will post any further devolpments when they happen.

god i fucking love her