Written by His Wife

5 Mar 2009

Time to play – alone!!

After having a nice, relaxing soak in the bath with a chilled glass of wine, I lay down on the bed with my towel still around me. My mind starts to wander and think about how good it feels to have your hands and lips exploring my body. I open up my towel and play with my nipples until they become hard and erect. I imagine you are kissing my breasts and then sucking and licking my nipples. As you know, they always respond to your touch. My breathing changes slightly as I become aroused. I move one hand down my body whilst the other one still strokes my breast. I part my legs and put my fingers inside, it’s very wet and warm to the touch. I finger myself slowly, pretending that it’s your fingers discovering my tight, moist cunt. I am breathing heavier now and feeling very excited. My body has become very sensitive to the touch, just how I like it. I start to tease my clit and it responds very quickly. My arousal is building up and my cunt lips have swollen with desire. It’s now time to put my new toy to the test. The vibrator is placed to the side of my clit first and then I move it around, teasing myself. A warm feeling starts to spread between my legs and I begin to pant and moan quietly. The feeling is so good. I start to imagine your bell end rubbing against my cunt lips and pushing into my tight cunt slowly. I put two fingers inside myself and then push them in hard, telling myself that it’s you fucking me. The juices are now running down my fingers. I part my cunt lips and put the vibrator directly on my clit. The sensations are breathtaking and I groan with sheer ecstasy. I start to think about sitting on your face and you licking up all my juices. I am getting so near to cumming that I all want at this moment is your hard cock inside me. The need is so great that it sends me over the edge, my orgasm has built up and I feel a wave of pure pleasure come over me. My cunt starts to contract uncontrollably and the juices are now oozing out of me with no stopping. The feeling is indescribable. The intensity of my orgasm has spread from between my legs up to my tummy. Between my legs is soaking and I am wishing you were here to lick it all up. My clit has now become too sensitive to touch so I finger myself slowly, enjoying the feeling of my fingers going in and out, especially as I am extremely wet. I slowly start to come down from my orgasm and lie back with satisfaction.