13 Dec 2017

I have been visiting a mistress for a number of years now and having lots of good times with her - lots of sex but always protected and always during the daytime

However recently she reached 60 and decided to retire from being a whore

I wanted to celebrate her life of prostitution with her and suggested we had a few days away in London

She went and got STD tested and it all came back clear and so I booked a hotel in London for a week and took her there

The condition was that we took some of her ropes and things and some underwear for me to wear and she would just take one dress

Once we had booked into the hotlel I told her to remove her underwear adn put the dress back on

I then took her out to supposedly buy her a new dress

We went into one shop and she picked a dress adn went to the changing rooms

I said to the lady manning the entrance that I needed to go in with her as it was difficult for her to remove the res she was wearing because of the zip

Once we were in teh changing room she slipped off her dress and was completely naked

She put on the new dress and I bent her over the chair in the room took my cock out and fucked her doggy style without a condom on

She turned round and sucked my cock clean and I pulled my trousers back up and she put her old dress back on and with my jism running down her legs went back tot he lady and said that she didn't like it.

We went back to the hotel and I laid her on the bed and sucked her pussy till she orgasmed

I told her that she could not have a bath all week and I love the smell of her pussy and wanted it to get better and better each day.

We went out for a meal and when we came back tot he room she told me to strip off adn lay in the bed

She took some rope and tied up my cock and balls and told me I had to sleep like that

In the morning I took hold of ehr arms and while she was still asleep I tied them to each of the bed legs and then pulled th ebed clothes back and started to suck her pussy

She woke up and realised she was tied and I continued to suck her cunt till she had a massive orgasm

I then mounted her and fucked her cunt while she was tied up

Very nice to unload some more juice into her cunt

We went for breakfast and when we came back she gave me a pair of knickers and stockings and suspenders and told me to put them on and then put my trousers on over them

Then we went out and went to another dress shop and took her into the changing room and fucked her again and then returned the dress saying it wasn't suitable.

Back to the room and she tied me to the bed and then with y cock and balls still tied up from the night before shem ounted me and rode me cowgirl till I shot another load inside of her cunt

Then she came over my face and said Tongue fuck me now

I slipped my tongue up her pussy and got a full load of my own jism in my mouth

W|e had such a fucking good week with lots of spunk put into her her and by the week end she smelled absolutely fucking terrific

I love her smelly slimy sexy spunk filled cunt and she knows it

Although she has given up punting I still see her about once a week for a couple of hours of nice bareback g=fucking and sucking