Written by navalon

24 Aug 2015

my wife and I are not swingers and never have been. My wife is 46 with a little weight from having our 3 kids. she is kinda has a girl next door look, with size dd tits. one night we had a party with some neighbors. the beer has flowing everyone was drinking and having a great time. one of our neighbors brought this guy from his work. he was young around 22 good looking kid and he knew it. he was talking a lot to my wife, I didn't think twice about it. my wife and I were cutting loose because he kids where at grandma's and we had the whole night to our self's. I cant wait for everyone to leave so i could fuck my wife. she was dressed in shorts and a top that showed a little cleavage but not much. I went inside , I was really drunk to use the restroom, I must've passed out for a couple hours because i wake up and i didn't hear the party going. i checked the back yard but everyone was gone. i saw a little on in our basement. and went in and open the basement door and heard music playing, i walked down the stairs and saw my wife and this young guy were playing pool and drinking. they didnt know i was their. they we"re really drunk. my wife was trying to shoot when he walked behind her and said let me show you how to shoot right. and he guided her hand to shot the other hand was rubbing her ass. she made the shoot and told him he was a good teacher, and ask him to help her with another shoot. this time he started rubbing her tits thru her shirt., she told him that he should do that because she married and has kids. without another word he started kissing her and playing with her tits again. he put her hand on his dick and she smiled. he said your going to gets this tonite, and he unzipped his pants and pulled out a 9 inch cock. my wife stated sucking this kids dick like she never saw one before. he told her to stop because he wanted to fuck. she undressed and he fucked her on the pool table. after a couple minutes she said she wanted to ride it, so they moved to the couch and she fucked him really good as he sucked her tits, he told her he was close to cumming and wanted to blow in her mouth, she take all of it... I went back upstairs and she fucked him 2 more times that nite. I never told her a saw her fuck him.