Written by navolan

6 Sep 2015

This story happened about 5 months after the float trip. There was a little hole in the wall bar connected to a cheap motel, ( they had rooms to rent by the half hour), It was about 2 hours away, we dropped off the kids at grandpa's and away we went for the weekend. we got to the motel , it was called the eagles nest. the rooms didn't have much to them, a bed , chair and a tv that had mostly porn channels( classy place). jenny walked up to me and kissed me hard, and said" I did a little shopping for the trip I hope you like it. she grabbed her suit case and headed for the very small bathroom. she came out in about 45 minutes and it, was worth it. she had on a white sheer blouse with a red push up bra on, her tits looked incredibly huge, and her blouse was unbuttoned to the middle of her chest showing off her huge round tits. she had on a black skirt that was tight , but not short. her ass is round , but for a thick girl she doesn't have a fat ass, it's got a real nice shape to it. i grabbed her by the ass and gave it hard squeeze, I said " lets just stay in the room and fuck tonite", she said" down boy, there be time for that later", and she tongue fucked me with a kiss, and grabbed my cock and gave it a few long squeezes, and out the door she went

We went over to the bar, their was a few people there, most of the guys where eye fucking my wife, whose tits looked amazing in the blouse, they bounced as she walked, and you could see enough bra that the tits were begging to be released. we sat at the bar, and ordered some drinks. after about an hour this guy walked in and sat a couple seats over. he was good looking and about the same age as us. they had a baseball game on the tv. we started talking about the game. we bought him around of drinks and he came over and sat by us.

His name was mark, his car broke down and he was staying overnite, and his car would be ready in the morning. he was married with 2 kids close to the ages of our's, we talked about the kids and marriage, he was funny and, but I did notice him looking at jenny's tits a lot, and I think she did too, because she left to go to the bathroom, she came back and her blouse was even more reveling, her tits where almost hanging out of her blouse. they called for last call at the bar jenny asked our new friend if he wanted to continue this party in our room. we bought beer and a bottle of fireball and headed to our room.

If we all weren't drunk before we got to the room, after a couple beers and a few passes of the bottle of fireball we were all fucked up good. our friend mark got very quiet and we notice that he was passes out in the chair in our room. Jenny said" no reason to wake him, and started kiss me, I had reached around and freed her huge tits from that little bra, they flow out and swagged from sided to side as jenny started pulling my pants off. my cock was already for her, as she sucked my cock i grabbed her hair and made her go faster, I was face fucking my wife, and she was loving it. she had her fingers buried in her pussy playing with herself and the other hand was rubbing her own tits. she quickly started riding me, about 5 minutes into this I saw mark kinda start waking up. he open his eyes and stood up real fast and jenny still was riding me hard, her tits where flopping everywhere and screaming fuck me , fuck me over and over. mark said in very embarrassed voice " sorry had a great nite i'll see my self out." with that jenny turn to him,and said " this nite just started for you". he was standing by the bed, jenny climbed off me and was on all 4 in the bed facing mark, he said " what" ,but it was to late. jenny was rubbing mark cock thought his pants. jenny told him to pull out his cock, which he did , he didn't have a big cock it was small, but jenny didn't care as she sucked his cock she put her ass in the air and smacked her ass and turned to me and said" start fucking me as I suck off mark". as I started fuck her from behind, watching her tits fly all around, I was so turned on, I could see she was sucking and licking marks dick, she told mark " I love small cocks, i can put the whole thing in my mouth". she told him to grab her hair and force feed her the cock, mark started face fucking her , and then he said lets change spot , i want to fuck this slut.

We changed spots and he quickly started fucking her, he grabbed her hair and pulled back on it really hard , jenny was really getting off on it, she was trying to suck my cock , but she was screaming and moaning so much and her head was being pulled back ,it was hard for her to suck my cock, I just started sucking her flying tits, but even that was hard because mark was squeezing any tit that he could get his hand on.

I stopped and sat in the chair and watched the rest of the time. mark tuned her on her back and started tit fucking her huge tits, he couldn't get enough of her tits. he squeezed them, sucked them, grabbed and shake them, and pinching her nipples, he kept telling jenny what awesome tits she had. jenny would say" keep sucking those tits for me... he started fucking her missionary position, he was fucking her hard and jenny was loving it. her tits where bouncing up and down and he was trying to suck them as he fuck the shit out of her. he said" iam going to cum on those huge tit. Jenny said " thats fine, you can put some here on my tits , but save some a, and put your cock in my mouth, so i can taste your cum in my mouth " with that he pulled out, a wave of cum hit her on the tits, and he put the rest in her mouth as so sucked his cock dry. and he pulled out and we all feel asleep on the bed.

the next morning, I woke to the bed shaking, i looked over a jenny was riding him and he was squeezing her tits and watching them bounces up and down. she shake real hard so i know she was cumming hard on his cock. a second later, i heard jenny say " oh fuck yeah fuck that pussy , cum for me, cum in my pussy me big guy" and with that i heard her say" oh yeah thats it that was a monster load in me" and she collapsed on top of him and they kissed for a wail. as he got up to leave , he reached down and grabbed her tits again and sucked and kissed each one. " man your a lucky mother fucker dude to be able to have those tities all the time", as he smiled at me. He told jenny " you have the best tits ever and your the best fuck I ever had"! and mark left, as mark shut the door and I mounted he from behind started fucking her, it take about 5 strokes and I pulled out and jizzed all over her tits. Jenny just laughed," what a weekend" she said. wow, cant wait for her to make another fantasy cum to life again....til next story bye for now