Written by dildodo

19 Nov 2010

After speaking to a guy on SH about wanking in public toilets I decided to give it a try as he had told me what a turn on it was. I arrived at the local shopping centre and headed for the toilets and walked inside. I walked to the latrine and did my usual piss and then walked across to the sinks to wash my hands. I stayed here for a few minutes before seeing an older guy around 65 enter the toilet and I thought fuck it lets go for it. He went to the latrine and I stood in the next one to him and got my cock out of my trousers and began to wank it.

The guy looked down at my cock and then looked at me and smiled, I continued to wank my cock and boy it was a turn on and my cock seemed to get harder. The guy finished what he was doing and went to the sinks, I stopped and walked over to him and looked at him in the mirror. He looked at me winked and nodded his head towards the cubicles and I nodde back and followed him into the disabled one where it was larger than the rest. Once inside the guy pushed his hand towards my flys and stroked my cock through my trousers before undoing them and letting them drop to the floor. I quickly pulled my cock out of my underpants and he grabbed it with his hand and began to masturbate me. I stood there and raised my hands above my head and just let him wank me. He then undid his own trousers and released his own cock and I duly grabbed it and began to wank him.

I couldn't believe that this was happening and we just stood there saying nothing and just wanking each others cocks. I couldn't hold back any longer and started to shoot my cum over the floor of the cubicle and onto the guys knuckles. He then began to buck his hips and shot about 4 spurts of cum from his cock into my waiting hand.

At that we both cleaned up and pulled our trousers up he said "thanks" and just slipped out of the cubicle and then out into the shopping mall. I had just had the most horny experience and have been back there several times but have yet to repeat the experience but do hope it happens again.