Written by SubBiGuy and Her

27 Mar 2014

It was a cold and dark night but we had decided that it would be nice night to go dogging. The night sky was clear but was a bit cold.

I got dressed in sexy lingerie, stockings, suspenders, basque and loose clothes.

She was dressed in her normal matching bra and panties and although wanted to go dogging but didn't want to be too involved.

We parked in a secluded car park known for some action and I removed my outer clothes leaving me sat in my stockings, suspenders and basque. It has think straps over the shoulders so every car that came into the car park and shone its headlights could see that I was wearing very little.

She started to feel my hardening cock and started to slowly wank it as we discussed who was around and what was to happen. I'm really lucky to have a female partner that also lets me play with men, as she does occasionally too so I guess it's fair :-)

I opened the car door and stepped out into the car park, it was cold in the night air but very exciting and sexy. I love being in lingerie and in public. It's such a buzz wandering away from the safety of the car. At any minute a car could pull into the car park and its headlights could light me up showing me in lingerie with a hard cock sticking out.

I stayed next to the car but near to the bushes and heard another guy near me, he approached and smiled and said how sexy I looked, he then dropped his trouser and pulled on his cock.

I positioned myself so she could watch me from the car and I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth, it was very warm and started to grow in my mouth as soon as I placed it in there. The guy moaned and said it felt good.

She could see me and watch me sucking another mans cock, I licked along the length and made sure she was seeing everything I was doing. My head bobbed up and down on his cock and I slapped his now erect cock around my face so she could see and hear me playing with a guys cock. I do love showing off..

I then got down to business on his cock and concentrated on sucking on his cock.

He was moaning out loud and I know she could hear this and I took all his cock into the back of my mouth.

I continued to give good head and then all of a sudden he said he was going to cum, I increased my speed and sucking and suddenly his hot cum hit the back of my throat and he pumped his cock into my mouth filling my mouth with his cum. When he'd finished fucking my mouth he slipped his cock out and (as he was a smoker) I dribbled his cum from my tongue and mouth onto the ground.

He thanked me and walked off...