Written by Dennis

14 Apr 2012

One noght after I left the pub early after only one drink because it was dead in there,at a loss what to do I was on my way home and was about to pass a local dogging spot.

I had never been to one before but curiosity took over and I drove in.

There were two or three cars parked in dark corners all in darkness so I parked up, swithced the lights off and put the radio on low,unzipped my pants and lowered them and began to fondle my prick and balls.

It only took a minute and I saw one of the cars interior light come on for a couple of second and then go out.

Looking towards the car I could just make out a guy walking towards my car.

He walked slowly passed and obviously was trying to see into the car but it was to dark.

After he dissapeared into the trees for a few seconds and then returned and stood beside the car and tapped on the window.

I lowered it and he asked if I knew what normally happened in this park at this time of the evening.

I told him I had a good idea.

He then asked if I was interested in a little walk into the woods with him.

I would the window up, got out of the car and followed him as he went back into the trees.

Once out of sight of the car park he stopped in an area where a street light gave a bit of light there and withing seconds he had dropped his jeans round his ankle and was showing me his erection, a good 6 or more inches and solid with the head uncovered and shining.

I unzipped again and dropped mine ,I wasn't yet fully erect but as soon as my pants hit the floor he dropped to his knees and took my prick in his mouth and began to suck hard and fast.

One hand went behind me and a finger probed my ring gentlythe other hand cuppped my balls and squeezed them with a finger and thumb at the base making them tight and bringing my erection more solid.

I took his head in my hands and began to slowly fuck his mouth, thrills racked my whole body, I had never been sucked before and the experience was mind blowing.

I could feel my self building up to a climax and told him, this only made him tighten his lips I felt his teeth take a harder grip onthe root of my prick.

His finger probed deeper and I could hold back no longer.

I held his head tight and rammed into his throat as ahrd as I could, I could feel him gagging as my cum spurted out jet after jet until I was sated.

He held me tight in his mouth with his lips and teeth until I slackened off and then he let me slip out.

He stood and began to wipe his prick as he had cum spontaniously as I did.

He pulled his jeans up as I did and as we walked back to our cars he slipped a card to me saying "Keep that we need to meet again"

I got in my car and sat getting my breath and wits back as I saw him drive out with just a wave as he passed.

The card gave his address and phone number with instructions to ring when I needed his services again.

It didn't say what they were but I will ring.