Written by took a chance again

16 Apr 2012

I wrote about taking a chance and told you that he gave me a card with his phne number and told me to ring him.

So one evening last week I picked up the phone and rang.

It was an answer phone so I just left a message mentioning our meet and left my number.

About 10 p.m m phone rang and when I picked it up a female voice answered.

She asked what meeting I was talking about so I began to make up some story about meeting him in a pub and sitting having a pint.

She stopped me and told me not to lie to her, she was aware of her husbands

practices and told me to tell her in detail what had happened.

I said she had better ask him and put the phone down.

It rang straight back and she told me not to ring off again as she really wanted to know, she wasn't annoyed with his he had been doing this for sdome time and she wanted to help him either to get him to stop or if that didn't work to make sure he didn't get into trouble.

I told her about the dogging meet and she asked if I had enjoyd the experience, I told her of course I had.

She then suggested I come round to the house as he would be back in half an hour and she would have a chat with us to find out more about the situation.

I took the address and as it was close by drove straight over.

She let me in and I was supprised she was in her dressing gown,said she was ready for bed when I rang and couldn't be bothered getting re-dressed.

We heard his car pull up in the drive and he came in, seeing me he stopped in his tracks pretending he didn't know me.

His wife then told him about my call and that she knew what he had been up to for months but just wanted proof.

He asked what she intended to do and to both our supprise she said she wanted to watch us together, she was intigued and needed to know more.

She left the room saying she was going to make us a drink and when she came back wanted us both naked.

Not wanting to rock the boat we stripped and sat down in seperate chairs.

She came back with cups of coffee for us all and sat down on the settee.

As we sat drinking I noticed she seemed to be showing a lot of leg and her gown was not tied to tight

For her age which I now know is 49 she had a very good figure,tall, slim but with medium sized breasts.

She leaned forwars to pt her cup on the table and her gown slipped open a bit more revealing more leg and a very nice bit of cleavage.

We finished our drings she took the cups and came back, stood by the door and told us to get on with what we did.

I sat back in the chair he came and knelt in front of me and took my prick in his mouth sucking slow ,long strokes.

She moved to the side of us to get a better view as he slurped up and down my shaft.

After about 5 minutes I was getting towards the climax and began to thrust up to his mouth and beganto buck at him.

She leaned closer and asked if I was ready to finish.

I nodded and she told him to make me cum.

He probed his finger under me and pushed into my ring as I shot into his mouth, four ofr five really hard jets which he sucked hard and tightened his lips to drain me.

He held my prick tight in his mouth until I went slack and it slipped out.

She went back to the settee,sat down opened her gown, spread her legs wide and told him ,commanded him even to suck he now..

The rest is another story, can you wait.