Written by jo

5 Dec 2016

my name is Joanne , I am married , pushing 40 but have a decent figure , still firm boobs ,blonde hair and have been told great legs , at weekend 5 of us were out on our office xmas party . we had decided to wear fancy dress outfits , so I decided to wear a sexy elf outfit ,it is very short ,I also wore my thigh boots , bare legs even though it was cold ,because I have a decent tan . I should have worn bigger panties but decided on a pair of tiny lacy ones,

after visiting a few bars we ended up in a pub we had never been in , when we walked in there was only a group of old men drinking at the bar , we were about to turn and leave when one shouted wow here girls lets buy you a drink , so why not we went over , we were all chatting away , a xmas record went on and before we knew it we were all sat down . one of the old men ,George who was 74 years old ,said here girl sit on my knee , so for some reason I did ,

as I was sat there he said that is some outfit , I love those boots. at that, I put one foot on the table saying do you think so , not realising my legs had parted , he could see my panties , I did not realise till I felt his hand on my thigh , he slid it up and touched my pussy through my panties ,only it wasn't just a quick touch ,he actually slid his hand inside found my clit and nearly made me come. I said to him you dirty old sod take it away so he did ,

five mins later he asked if I wanted to play a game of pool ,so I said ok where is the table and he pointed to a door across the bar . we went in and he shut the door , in hindsight I should have said no , but it was too late , when I told him I could not play , he set them up and said have a practice , so started playing while he sat and watched , he was behind me while I bent over the table taking shots ,I knew he was looking at my panties , then he was stood behind me ,as he was telling me how to hold the cue ,his hand was sliding up the back of my thigh ,and touching my smooth pussy again, now though he had pulled them aside and had his old fingers inside me , he said god you are wet girl ,then he was stood behind me and I didn't say anything when I heard his zip and felt his old hard cock push into me. he wasn't big maybe about 7 inches and he only lasted about 30 seconds but I had a massive orgasm at the same time he came in me.

he then pulled out and put it away just as the door opened and the girls shouted they were leaving , as I pulled my panties back he gave me a tissue to wipe myself. then we were leaving .

as I am writing this I have just come thinking of what happened , and what I would do if I went back there