Written by LoverLou

11 Feb 2013

Shopping is not my thing but when X suggested expanding my limited toy collection I was all for it. Ann Summers is one shop I do enjoy looking around and taking my time in making purchases. It was quite empty on the day we went, so we were able to look around unhindered. We had discussed the toys we were particularly interested in and found what we were looking for. The sales staff were very helpful and had good knowledge of the products. After making our final choice and buying an extra battery we left with new toys in hand.

The weather was wet and windy but we decided to take a short walk all the same. We ended up going along the pier; it was not crowded although there were a few hardy couples taking a stroll. The sea was choppy and there were a few brave souls surfing. Whilst we stood watching them, X stood behind me and began massaging my ass. This was most welcomed and I backed into him to show I was keen for him to continue. Well being in a rather naughty mood X did not only continue but turned me so we could kiss, his hand on my ass the whole time.

“Can I?” He asked and made to lift my skirt so I was fully aware of what he wanted.

“Yes.” I did not mind. I was wearing a short skirt, hold ups and boots. I could feel the excitement rise as the hem of my skirt was lifted above the tops of my hold ups. X did not stop there; he lifted it up right over my ass, enough to give a view of my thong to anybody who cared to notice. We were kissing the whole time and both became very aroused by our naughtiness.

As the weather took a turn for the worst we decided that a trip to the cinema was in order. Being midweek lunch time the other people in the queue were older than us and all seemed to be going to a musical. We decided on the latest Quentin Tarantino film and went to purchase tickets accordingly.

“We can try out your new toy.” X breathed into my ear whilst we waited our turn. I was lost for words, not knowing if he had been over heard or if he was joking. “That is not a no then.” He laughed.

“No, it’s not a no.” I edged. After buying our tickets we headed straight for the auditorium to find our seats. All the time X had his hand on my ass, teasing and massaging.

The cinema was empty when we got in; we took seats at the back and got comfortable. The seats were not particularly comfortable but we made do as best we could. As the lights went down there were still only about 5 other people with us. To my surprise X actually put his hand on my thighs and forced them apart, allowing him access to my pussy. Then I felt the slight vibration, he had our new bullet vibrator in his hand, I had not spotted it. I looked at him and smiled, I felt so naughty. Just as he found my clit, the doors opened and more people came in to find their seats. He removed his hand from under my skirt as the crowd passed us. We waited until they had passed and then X tried again. He increased the vibrations from the bullet and found my clit with remarkable ease. I shifted down in the seat and allowed my knees to open. The vibe was more powerful than I was used to and it shocked me how quickly I came. It is the first time I have had an orgasm in a cinema, and I am pleased that the music was particularly loud. I am not usually a quiet person when having sex, but managed to muffle my sound by holding onto X’s arm and burying my head in his sleeve.

He turned off the bullet and we settled to watch the film for a little while. I became restless so turned my back slightly, purposefully showing a top to my holdups and some bare thigh. I reached over and took the bullet from X. Turning it on I proceeded to use it on myself as X had his hands up my skirt. Unfortunately at this time the film went into a quiet part and the sound of the bullet was heard through the cinema. We both laughed as I fought to turn the thing off, not knowing if people knew what they were hearing. As the fighting became more violent we tried again, hoping the gunshots would cover the bullets noise. X had charge of it this time and I made it easy for him to find the correct placement. Once again I was showing bare flesh at the top of my leg, lifting my skirt on purpose. We had not noticed that two people had moved seats and were now sitting in the same row as us. The first I noticed was when I heard a cough from along the row. I looked up and realised they were fully able to see what we were up to. Neither lady was looking at us at that time but I am sure they could not have help but notice our naughty game.

We played with the bullet all through the film, as well as just making out. It was great fun and a little naughty. On leaving the cinema and making our way back to the car we passed a “Big Issue” seller. X has a habit of stopping for a kiss at odd moments and chose this moment to stop. Not only did he kiss but he pulled up my skirt and gave a very clear view of my ass to the seller and other passersby.

“Did you see that?” A tall blonde 20 something was saying to his friend as they passed us. I did notice that they were both blushing.

If that made them blush they should have been there when I used my other toy, later that day..........