Written by Horny Jill

15 Aug 2018

I was about to lift my case into the carriage due to my tight skirt I was having trouble. When a young black guy helped me, he was abiut 25 years old. I climbed into the carriage flashing my stocking tops and suspenders. He gave me a little push on the bum to help me . I sat down and he was admiring my big boobs in my low cut tight top. I bent down to fix my shoe and and he got another eyeful of my boobs. He opened his case snd produced a bottle of vodka and a glass. We drank about half a bottle before the the train entered a tunnel. In the dark he pulled me over and snogged me and when I put my hand between his legs he ran a hand up my legs. I opened my leg to let him finger me and he said, "You are soaking do you want black cock." He ripped my g string off pushed me onto my back and started eatjng my pussy. He stood up and stripped, when I saw his cock I said," My god I want you now,fuck me." He got between my open legs. He mounted me and when he had his cock fully in he began fucking me. I was yelling my head off in pleasure. About 15 minutes later I felt him shoot his cum into me. Before we reached Glasgow he fucked me doggy and really deep inside my ass.