Written by trainman

11 Mar 2010

As a successful businessman I regularly travel to London attending conferences and exhibitions.On this particular day, I attended an exhibition at Earls Court. There were many stands and on one of them was a really pretty foreign lady. We got talking and she passed over some literature and free sample. Out of all the sales reps she was by the far the sexist.

I had a few other meetings and didn't catch the train till very late. The carriage was empty, and as soon as the train was about to depart, out of the blue the same girl jumped on and sat about 2 seats away. I immediately recognised her and went over and said my hellos. She remembered me, so I asked d her to join me. Could not believe my luck. She told me she was Italy, a small village up North and hid come her to study and to do some part time work. She spoke very good English and dressed very smartly like an typical Italian lady. I had visited Italy many times and we had a lot to talk about. I bought a bottle of wine and we started to share it. She sat opposite me and was wearing a white blouse, tight short skirt and some fancy sandals. her legs were very long and we kept touching each other. With every touch I became horner and my cock harder. She moved near the aisle seat and as she was tied, she put her feet up. I could see her whole leg right up to her thigh. This really turned me on. We kept talking, laughing and she commented on how unlike some English blokes she had met i was very professional and dressed the part.

With her legs rally close to me, I moved one hand on her knee and she just smiled while looking deep in y eyes. She was so sexy.. This promoted me to continue to stroke her leg, moving my hand up near her thigh. She said' that feels nice', and I continued to enjoy the feel of her skin. She moved her legs a bit wider and I moved my hand up her thigh and near her pussy. She closed her eyes and enjoyed my hand. I pushed aside her tight panties and put one finger in her wet cunt and started to finger her. She softly moaned and my speed increased. Her pussy was so wet but very cleanly shaven. I continued for a good 10 mins, until she told me to stop . as she came with a very softly long moan. She said it's her turn now. She asked me to unbutton my trousers and to expose my cock. It was rock hard 8inch of it. She, with her soft but long hands started to wank me under the desk. It felt so nice and she was very experienced at it. She jerked me really hard and I felt my cum rising and very soon I shot my load in her hands. She wiped it clean with her tissue. We moved closer and had a nice long snog.

Our stop in Manchester came and we both came off. I invited her to my place near the City. She immediately said yes. Upon entering, we stripped each other's clothes off and I lead her to my bedroom. We enjoyed all night sex. She was very sexually active and we fucked at least 4 times. She preferred all positions, on top, from behind, side ways and 69. We cuddled up for a quick nap at 6am. I was woken at 10am with a cooked breakfast, followed by another long session of sex.

She left soon after leaving and I gave her £100 for her troubles! These Italian women know how to fuck. Looking forward to meeting her this weekend.