Written by James

15 Apr 2007

Last year I switched jobs and my new company sent me on a weeks' training in Manchester. There were five of us from different parts of the country, one other bloke called Rick, who was a right bore, two fortysomething women and a very cute blonde called Jenny who was roughly the same age as me, I'm twenty eight.

On the first evening we all met up in the hotel bar for a drink. The two older women called it a night after one drink leaving Jenny and I with Rick. Rick was starting to do my head in, so after another drink I decided to go to my room. Jenny said she was going up as well and left with me. When we were out of earshot we admitted to each other that we would have loved another drink but couldn't take any more of Rick. I said we could use room service and invited her to my room, which she accepted.

I sat on the bed and Jenny in the chair. After the drinks arrived I asked Jenny if she would be more comfortable on the bed and that I promised I wouldn't pounce on her. I was pleasantly shocked when she replied that she wished I would. She came and sat on the bed and we started kissing. As I fondled her tits her hand made its way between my legs and started rubbing my quickly, enlarging cock.

We started undressing each other and when she took off her bra I was presented with a most beautiful pair of breasts. I don't know much about bra size, but my wife takes a 36c and Jenny's were much bigger. She seemed equally pleased with my cock which is a touch over seven inches and fairly thick. I removed her knickers revealing her gorgeous shaved pussy. As she started licking my cock I manouvered her so that she was on top of me and I could lick her while she sucked me.

She smelt and tasted divine and I made her come twice before shooting my load into her mouth. We both needed a cigarette, but before we had finished our smoke we were tucking into each other again. Jenny guided my cock to her vagina and I slowly pushed myself into her. She was soaking wet and I slid all the way in till my balls were pressed right up against her. We started off slowly but after a few minutes I was hammering into her like a mad man. She was meeting my every thrust and before long I felt her fingers digging into my bottom and her pussy tightened around my cock as she came. As her orgasm subsided I started sliding in and out of her now sopping pussy until I thrust myself fully inside her and filled her with my come.

We fucked twice more before she went to her own room. The next morning after breakfast we had a quick shag before the day's training.

The rest of the week was exactly the same. A morning shag and an evening of rampant sex.

We kept in touch for a while but never met up again, much as I would have liked to.