Written by Mikael, Master of Fellatrice

4 Dec 2014

-- off we went, as the afternoon progressed, Maria really let go, flashing her cunt and tits as often as possible Her wheels had really come off and her exhibitionistic streak came to the fore. -- firstly in a shop to buy holdup stockings - I had been in this shop b4 with an ex called Dorothy (see pt 1 of this saga) - Your best quality , Black ones I told the shop lady, I want them to reach right up to her crotch (giggle from M) putting my hand level with her skirt at cunt level. Yes Sir , the woman gave, thankfully,no indication that she had seen me before. Out came a pair of holdups Sold , I said, can she put them on here , I asked, If they fit nicely, We'll take some more. The woman indicated a small cabin. M kicked her new shoes off and proceeded to put on the holdups - close the curtain - O no, O no not Maria, the horse had well bolted the stable. She wriggled carefully into the stockings - a big flash of cunt, with the left one, another most blatant flash with the right one. The shop lady watched impassively, but had a real good look. Maria stood up. Now Miss Longford, ready ? yes Sir - 1,2, 3, i counted, on the count of 3 Maria lifted her skirt and posed with a big smile. Beautiful, I said, her cunt superbly framed by the stockings. What do you think , I asked the shop lady, - Yes she said - perfect. M still stood there her skirt raised. The door bell rang as some more customers entered. STOP, I said Maria dropped her skirt, not all that quickly though, I wondered if the new clients had had a flash. I bought some more - a pair of white ones, and a pair of skin coloured ones, Paid and off we went, M holding my arm and giggling wildly. - -- On to the next shop - here they sold extra sexy lingerie and sex toys ? M goggled at the rows of dildos - they are for girls on their own I told her very quietly, so they can fuck themselves. O God - well, she said I DON'T need one of those , do I Sir,- not now I told her, maybe later on. O god O god.. Now we bought real stockings, flimsy suspender belts and NOW - a sling bra I told the shop assistant, one that fits under her breasts without covering them at all. The girl didn't bat an eyelid, Size ? 36C Maria told her. She went in the cubicle pulled off her top and in full view put on the bra. She struggled a bit and the shop girl helped her with the straps, quite clearly "accidently" brushing her tits with her arm. Maria's face was a picture. I noted a beautiful nipple clip - can she try that, I asked, some fumbling, the shop girl helped her to fasten the clip, Maria giggling , her nipples like "chaple hat pegs" We then bought a very short tight fitting miniskirt in black glossy PVC - I paid the large bill, and off we went. The next stop was a department store - we bought a very short miniskirt with buttons down the front, so you can undo the buttons and flash I told her -- O god O god. The young shop girl was watching as M took off her skirt and tried the miniskirt on, in the process standing completely bottomless, as the shop girl now most attentively took in Maria's landing strip. We took the skirt - then asked the girl if she had any see through blouses - black and or white - the girl scurried off and came almost racing back, in the meantime M had taken her top off and was waiting topless, the girls eyes popped - when she saw -

M tried the black one - perfect - have you got the same, I asked, one sized smaller, the girl was puzzled - this one was a perfect size, showing off M's tits perfectly. The girl brought the size smaller, O god this was slightly too small but the effect was super, M's tits struggling to get out obscenely. We'll take all of them, the white ones and the black ones I told the girl Miss? -- Adams, she said. I whispered in her ear, have you a boy fried Miss Adams- O yes Sir - so do you like girls as well then - Maria heard and watched -- O no , I just like my B/F Sir?; What a pity , i told her, you and Maria could have great fun together. Miss Adams disappeared at a rate of knots towards the cash desk. I paid, I told the shop manageress - great friendly, expert help from this young lady . I manoevered round , and managed unobserved to slip a visit card into Miss Adams hand. If you change your mind and you'de like to try with Maria, give me a call, I whispered. She turned away without answering but I noted she'd stuffed the card in her pocket .--------- the last call of the afternoon, was to the pet shop !!

You need a collar Miss Longford, so thazt everyone will know that I am your Master. (now what would she say, I wondered;-.) O yes Yes -- My Lord. Plain black collar with a matching lead - she put it on and it fitted nicely - I gave her some money, go the the cash desk and pay for it yourself -- off she trotted with no embarassment I smiled to myself as the guy on the till scanned the barcodes on the collar and lead. She scampered back, and kissed me hard on the cheek, thank you thank you Sir it's georgous. Go further, I told myself, strike whilst the iron is red hot. I went to the man on the cash desk, She will be needing a name plate to hang on the collar. I selected one from the samples - What name shall i put on it, -- you are broadminded I asked, dirty minded ?? lol certainly the guy said - OK her name will be "Maria Hotcunt" the man smiled, Maria gasped and giggled. On the back I told him "property of Mikael" o god from Maria - thank you thank you Sir? It will be ready in 30 mins Sir. I gave him a large deposit and we went for coffee. 30 mins later, the man attached the nameplate to Maria's collar. She was over the moon.

You will wear it when we go out I told, to my delight, O ye yes Sir --- back home ---