Written by Mikael, Master of Fellatrice

3 Nov 2014

I stood up and moved back and held her hands away from me, allowing my eyes now to roam over her completely naked body. O god, Miis Longford, you have a glorious body - nervous giggle - thank you Sir. I pulled her close to me and cupped her bottom with my hands, kissing her deeply, the I pulled the trigger, I had learnt. I whispered in her ear - You have magnificent tits Miss Longford -- I pulled away, and looked at the expression of exhultation on her face - Yes, Maria was extremely vain about her tits.

-- Now you will learn to undress a man, Miss Longford -- yessss she hissed, and immediately started to undo my shirt with trembling hands, off it came followed by my vest. -- O nice, nice -- she said, -- I was frightened you might be a hairy gorilla, like ones I saw at the beach. She stroked my hairless chest, the quite spontaenious licked and kissed my nipples.

After a few minutes, she went down and started to undo my belt. Np , Miss Longford, first my shoes & socks, so that you can get my trousers off more easily - Yes; Sir, -- so off they came, and straight back to me belt, then my flies and off with my trousers. Her face was a picture as she stared at the huge bulge in my underpants. She stated to pull them down, No No, I told her, not like that - pull them towards you and then down. So she did and released my erection. O god, o fucking hell, see said as she stared at the first phallus she had ever seen. Now lets be honest, guys with 8,9, 10 inch cocks are rare, and mostly are only found in porno films. Mine is 6 1/2 inches but it is rather thick. But this girl had never seen an erect cock before. O god-- is all that supposed to go in here, putting her hand over her crutch -- O yes - I told her, but not yet. OH (a little disappointed perhaps) - Take it in your hand I told her, her trembling hand clutched my cock, pull down very slowly, she did so revealing my nob end. I deliberately squeezed my sphincter muscle causing my cock to jerk. Ohhh, she let go, I laughed at her - he's trying to talk to you, i told her, putting her nand back. -- What's he saying she gasped,

He says you are very beautiful and thinks you are going to have a wonderful time together

annd - (pull the trigger) he's says you have great tits - tjhe smirk came back to her face. I made him jerk again, O O - he wants you to say hello --- hallo she said -- kiss him i told her - tentively she kissed the end of my very oiled cock, it's salty, --- thats normal , I told her. Now run your tongue three times round my nob, she did so, O god, i would have liked to have given her a mouthful there and then. - patience, I told myself. now take it into your mouth, I told her, as far as you can but don't force. Down went her hot wet lips and she actually got a good half in. Push it back out with your tongue Miss Longford, she did so, her eyes were bulging from exitement. I lifted her up and guided her over to the settee. I lay her on the settee, a cushion under her head, one leg on the ground the other on the settee. I gazed at her naked cunt, I say cunt, but in fact she hadn't actually got a cunt, her hymen was totally intact, there wasn't even room to push the tip of my finger inside. She giggled nervously at put her hand in between her legs- DON'T cover it up Miss Longford - it's much too pretty to hide away. She removed her hand - sorry Sir.

I moved up kissing mouth, the slowly worked my way down, her tits, over her flat stomach , her groins, then her cunt. OOOOOOOOOOOO - I rolled my tongue round and round then slowly licked over her now protuberant clitoris - What a squeal aaagh - back round & round, back over her clit -- aaagh. I continued, her first orgasm came fast and hard, I can't stand it she wailed -- aaagh, she thrusted up lifting her bottom off the settee -- aagh aagh - i pulled away at looked at her clenched teeth, the fierce expression on her face, and noted her stomach muscles rippling - I wish still, to this day, that I had had a camcorder recording her first Cum - Slowly she relaxed, the I put my mouth back and restarted sucking and licking ...... The waling and moaning restarted ...