Written by Mikael, Master of Fellatrice

19 Nov 2014

--- I stared at her tits, -- You have wondrous tits Miss Longford -- thank you sir, then to my surprise she started to adress me in the glorious english second person singular -- (well educated is Maria) -- "Thou art My Lord and Master Sir, Thou mayest do to me whatsoever thou wishest, anytime, anywhere that thou choosest" (I thought to add with anyone I should choose, but refrained , that could come later.) Will we write that down later, and you will sign it, I told her. Yesss SIR. I pulled the sheet away revealing my morning erection, fed by my remembrance of the previous evening . Now Miss Longford, every time you see that my cock is hard, you will immediately take it in your mouth and suck it, unless I tell you otherwise. There was no hesitation, Yes Sir, she took my cock in her mouth - wow, what a way to start the day, having my cock sucked by a virgin at 8 o'clock in the morning. Hold it in your hand also, I told her, and wank it slowly at the same time, like I showed you last night. O god, so nice, wank it a little faster now, I approached orgasm, although there couldn't be so much spunk left in my balls. Here you are Miss Longford, some more spunk for you to swallow . I ejaculated into her mouth, she swallowed , then came up for air, smacking her lips, then without being told she squeezed my cock and licked off the last globule of spunk. Very good, Miss Longford, you are a very good student, you learn very qickly, I think you are going to be a superb cocksucker. Thank you My lord, she replied with a beaming smile. Now crawl up the bed and straddle me, Miss Longford, I am going to suck you delicious cunt in a different way --- Ooo yes please Master. She straddled above manoevering around into the right place and I pulled on her bottom as she lowered her bright pink , already wet cunt onto my face. The whining , and moaning began immediately, and got louder, writhing her cunt around my face, almost as if she was trying to get her cunt away from my insistent tongue. Her orgasm came hard and loud. She threw herself backwards away from me back down the bed. O O O thank sir , that was fantastic. Yes , Miss Longford, you FIRST cum of the Day and it's only 8.30. -- O my God. Now, Miss longford, I would like to have my morning tea , in bed, served by a naked virgin with fantastic tits . YES sir - I told her where everything was and away she trotted her super arse wriggling. Mmm I thought, later I well educate her arse also.

The tea arrived with biscuits also. We went in the shower together, I washed her cunt gently - always keep your cunt clean and ready for me to suck Miss Longford, the same as I shall keep my cock ready for you. Hygiene is very important. Yes Sir, definetly Sir.

I took her into the living room and got her on the table. Then I proceeded to trim her pubic hair into a brazilian. She lay back and made no comment. when I had finished, She went to look in the mirror. Do you like you new hairstyle, I asked. O yes it's pretty she said. Good, I told her, now when anyone else sees you cunt, they will have a super eyeful. At this she raised an eyebrow. Will many people see my cunt Sir , she asked. O yes Miss Longford, after breakfast, we are going shopping for some extra sexy clothes.

She soon got the idea , for when she went to get dressed she could't find either her knickers or her bra. Confiscated, I told her, when you are with me - No underwear allowed. . we left the appartment, she got in the car, I held the door open for her, and enjoyed the flash of cunt as she swung her legs in. Great cunt, Miss Longford - giggle giggle - thank you Sir - Now to the shops, I told her ....