Written by Expo

25 Nov 2009

Training Melissa part 2

On the drive back from the dogging site Melissa was full of excitement about her day but Marcus was very quiet. Do you want to stay at my place I asked but before Melissa could answer Marcus said No, not tonight. Tonight we want to be alone together.

The next morning I had a call from Marcus who said how much he and Melissa had learned from me and how much their sex life would be improved but he did not want the training to go any further. I said OK and that I hoped we would all meet again someday. Not long after the phone rang again and this time it was Melissa. She then told me that Marcus was a wimp and that over the last 3 days their roles had become reversed. He had wanted her as a submissive sex slave but now she knew what rampant sex could be like she wanted more of it. Marcus on the other hand had become the submissive one and wanted to put a stop to her experiences but she told me he either had to allow it or lose her.

I had not intended to break up their marriage and had made sure that they both wanted the experiences that I had provided before we started. Melissa admitted that she had been persuaded into it by Marcus but now he wanted it to stop she was not ready to do so and she told me that she would be at my place in an hour, with or without Marcus.

An hour later they were both at my apartment, Melissa looking stunning in her short dress and Marcus looking pretty miserable. I told her that as it was such a nice day we would have lunch in the Bankes Arms at Studland then go for a walk in the dunes and that she would be exposing herself in the pub and getting naked on the beach. We caught the chain ferry and I made her get out of the car and stand on the upper deck so that car drivers would see her naked ass. She thought this a great idea and when she got back in the car she said she was very wet. We sat in the garden at the Bankes Arms to have a ploughman’s and a beer and Melissa took every opportunity to flash her pussy. Marcus cheered up a bit and at my insistence they had a little snog and fondled each other in full view of the other patrons. Fortunately this was early last October when the weather was unseasonably warm but there were not too many people around and all the kids were at school.

After lunch we strolled down to the beach and along to the nudist area. Can you believe that neither had ever been there before although they lived in Branksome. We found a nice spot in the dunes, sheltered from the breeze but in full sunlight and safe from casual passers by and soon all 3 of us were naked. I wanted to reconcile Marcus to the new lifestyle ahead of them so encouraged him to start making love to Melissa, using the techniques that I had shown him to get her excited, to bring her to the brink of orgasm and then to hold her there begging for relief until he was ready to grant her her wish. Finding that he could bring her such pleasure soon cheered him up and I decided to leave them to enjoy themselves and to explore the dunes.

It was remarkably quiet, not at all like the summer. I did see a little gay action and a couple who appeared to want privacy so I left them to it and strolled back to my two students. I had been gone about 20 minutes and when I got back Marcus was busy licking Melissa’s pussy and two men were watching from a little distance away. I sat down beside the two men, pretending I was just another peeping perv. They have been going at it for at least 15 minutes I was told, the woman knows we are here but has not wanted us to join them.

The three of us watched for a while and Melissa gave me a special smile. Eventually she sucked Marcus to orgasm and indicated the show was over. The two men wandered off then I joined the happy pair. Marcus had really cheered up and apologised for his earlier behaviour, saying he had needed time to assimilate all the changes that were taking place. Melissa was also happy and said she had found flashing and exposing herself and being watched fucking was a huge turn-on.

I was pleased they were happy again and suggested that we finish for the day and meet again the next afternoon where I would introduce them both to more new excitements. Melissa appeared ready to try them straight away but I said she would have to wait, much to the relief of Marcus.