Written by Fran

21 Apr 2008

I started to see Terry regularly,he would call me on my mobile to let me know where he would be parked for the night and if I was able I would visit him.

He liked to take me to upmarket hotels to watch the suits ogle me.My skirts had got shorter,tops lower and I had given up on hold ups because they just got torn.Instead I had a weekly allover tan.Terry thoght I looked great but I thought a bit cheep,but was getting used to it.

The end to these evenings was always the same,back to the lorry onto the bed and Terry feeding his full nine and a half inches into me.He would come at least three times before I staggered back to my care.The first of his cums I would swollow,but the last always ended up in me.I had developed a permanant ache in my body from the abuse and as a result,walked differently.People at work teased me and said I walked as if my vibrator was still stuck up me.If only they knew!My number of days sick leave was going up,but thank goodness my new style of dressing had increased orders to a remarkable level,so all in all I could combine my two lifestyles,although I was aware that they were coming closer together,with several buyers making very obvios offers for big orders in return for you know what.It says a lot about the new me in that I didn\'t say no,but thought I would hold them incase my sales went through a bad patch.One thing I wasn\'t going to give Terry up.

When we went out another driver was paid by Terry to keep an eye on his waggon.It was no big deal as he didn\'t carry anything of value,but he didn\'t want to lose any diesel.

One night when we were out Terry became a bit over the top.Asking me to lower my top more and hitch my skirt up more.I tried to oblige him,as I refuse him nothing,that was a promise I made mysel fand duly went to the loo and rolled the top of my skirt up,before undoing a button on my top.I tried undoing two,but my tits fell out,thats how low it was.

Terry was pleased with the effectit had on the other customers,but got very upset when we were asked to leave as the manager thought I was on the game.

We went to the other extreme and found a low dive of a pub where I became very popular. Terry was delighted and said what a greedy girl,but also,would do anything he asked me to.

I didn\'t need a compass to see where this was going to end up and I didn\'t want trouble.I didn\'t have to wait long for one of the men to say,well how about lending her out?I jumped in and said O.K.,but its everyone or no one.Terry was lost for a moment.I was banking on him saying sorry,but no one then.Instead he turned to me and said better go out to the carpark bend over the bonner and brace yourself.I slid off my stall looked a Terry and said well take care of these for me,as I pulled my knickers off and gave them to me.

About four blokes followed me out,I don\'t think they believed it could be happening.I turned to them and said I was theirs till the condom machine ran out,or they got tired.

I spread myself acroo the bonnet and waited,but not for long.

The first started off gently until he heard me grown and start to move about.That did his ego good and he banged into me much harder.As soon as he had finished he was replaced,by a bigger man,but thank goodness as big as Terry,but he did make me come.I don\'t know how many I took,some had me more than once,but the condom machine didn\'t run out and there was a pile of twenty four filled condoms on the ground next to me.

Two of them helped me back to the bar and drinks were bought for me.I am afraid to say I got very drunk and was kissing them and telling them they were all fantastic.Terry tried to get me to put my knickers back on,but I didn\'t see the point.

Shortly after a double vodca,about my sixth,I passed out,coming to in the lorry,with guess what,Terry shagging me.

I didn,t have quite the effect he hoped for,because as soon as he finished I had to rush out of the cab and throw up.I needed air and walked up and down the lorry park stark naked.

I knew I would need time off work and started to think who the lucky buyer might be.