Written by Emily travelodge stay

21 Aug 2018

Hiya... I stayed in a travel lodge with my friend Amy... we had a night out in the town we both got pretty wasted. We went to sailors and we was dancing away then all of a sudden a seen a guy dancing with Amy and i seen him put his hand up her dress in the middle of the dancefloor I was shocked so i turned away and danced some more then I noticed he was using is fingers good on her.. her head was over his shoulder she had her eyes shut and everything I was like omg. I went over to intervene and he stopped getting her off Amy was pretty wasted at this point I couldent belive what I saw then I thought it would be a good time to call it a night so we walking back to the travel lodge and she starts beein sick everywhere was a nightmare so we got in the room and she went asleep with her clothes and even heels still on I just sat their as you do and got undresses to my knickers and bra and got in bed. Half hour went past and I couldent stop thinking what I just witnessed in the club. It got me hot so I started slowly touching myself over my knickers wile layimg next to Amy... I was beein so quite incase she woke up 10 mims went by and I started to get wet and so horny I took my knickers off to my knees i raised my legs and put the bottoms of my feet on the bed and started going to town on myself at this point I was going pretty fast, the bed was creaking and Amy was moving with the bed I was going that fast I thought I would wake her up... then I took my knickers off and placed then across her chest and took hers off and they was soaked when i mean soaked it was like pee soaked but it wernt pee. I PUT THEM ON then cummed in them and put them back on amy hehehe she doesnt even know to this day lmao