Written by Teflon_Tone

9 Mar 2010


Continued from previously …

And so to business. Although they were new clients I knew immediately they were free and easy people.

The first day went fine; I got well with them, in particular a manager named Joyce (names changed to protect the “innocent”). When Joyce invited me to a party she was holding that evening, I immediately accepted; I was hoping to get to know her a lot better!

It was only when I got back to my hotel room I started to have reservations of the evening ahead. I had only come away with business clothes and had already seen how casually they dressed at the clients’ site. Suddenly I decided what the hell; I showered and shaved my legs. Then on with the gear I’d brought just for my own pleasure in my hotel room. Black vinyl 6 strap suspender belt, tan stockings, black thong, white blouse, above the knee black pencil skirt and my favourite 3 strap black 4” heeled stilettos.

No time for second thoughts. On with my overcoat and I rushed out the hotel and hailed a cab. I got one or two funny looks from the taxi driver but arrived safely at Joyce’s place.

Joyce opened her door, invited me in and took my coat. At first I thought, I’ve screwed up here, but her open mouth suddenly turned into a smile as she looked me up and down and then said “Wow, you’ve really haven’t disappointed me. Come and meet my friends, I think they are going to like you.”

All her friends were great and time just flew. I didn’t see much of Joyce to start with but eventually she came and chatted to the people I was then with. Soon they drifted off and I could start talking intimately to Joyce. It was obvious she was as attracted to me as I was to her. She was also wearing a skirt and nylons and I wanted to find out whether she was wearing stockings. I casually placed my hand on her knee and, since she didn’t flinch, slowly let it ride up her leg. Pleasingly I found her stocking top and then a clasp. “Mmmm” I said; she responded “You like what you’ve found? Shall we find somewhere a bit quieter?”

We found a bedroom but it seemed to have people continually coming in and out. Not that Joyce seemed to mind, we were soon getting to know each other rather well. She told me she preferred to be taken from behind so she was soon on her front and I entered her. At that point I felt a hand on my bottom and then a finger seeking my anus rose bud. It felt good and since I was too busy banging away at Joyce I didn’t consider what was happening. The finger found its target slipping inside my tight arsehole. Next I felt what must have been lubricant being applied and then two, three and four fingers being eased in. Joyce must have realised something was going on because my pounding of her got faster. The fingers then left me and something bigger replaced them; first teasing at my ring and slowly forcing itself in. I felt myself being filled; it was painful to start with but as my arsehole stretched so enjoyment replaced the pain. My thrusts increased and Joyce cried out for me to give it to her deeper. How I couldn’t refuse? I was reaching a climax but wanted to hold on until Joyce did likewise; meanwhile my arse was being similarly “exercised”. Joyce then cried out, I allowed myself to cum and my arsehole got that warm tantalising feeling.

It was my turn to be offered a butt plug. Joyce said it would stop my stockings getting covered in cum. She also said if I kept it in until tomorrow evening she could guarantee even more fun then; another party?

To be continued.