Written by forcedbihubby

13 Dec 2009

I got used by an aggressive married guy at the video booths at Leroy and West St in New York City last weekend. I heard someone tapping on the door of my booth and when I cracked the door to see who it was, he pushed his way in and closed the door, shoving me roughly back down into the seat. He unzipped and pulled out his big cock and started stroking whilst watching the screen. I was watching a cocksucking video (of course!!) and he said "So - you like watching those girls sucking those huge cocks, huh? I bet you wish it was you in those videos, don't you? But not getting your cock sucked by one of those hot sluts - on your knees getting your mouth fucked hard by a real man with a big cock, right?" “Yes”, I replied. "Just like this one, right?" he said as he shoved his now huge and rock hard cock right in front of my face. “Yes, sir”, I replied. “Good, now open wide and get sucking!” I obediently opened my mouth and he roughly shoved his cock in all the way to the back until it nudged my throat. I backed off a bit and then bobbed my head up and down, sucking and slurping as I went, loving the feel of his rigid meat filling my mouth. “Tastes good doesn't it?” he said. I could barely mumble an affirmative reply because my mouth was so stuffed with his thick cock. “Yeah, it should do” he said, “I just finished fucking my wife with it about half an hour ago. That is a nice mix of her cunt juice and my cum that you are cleaning up. A special treat just for you.” I moan my appreciation and look up at him as he sneers down at me. “I should bring you home and fuck your mouth in front of her - she'd laugh her ass off at the way I'm treating you. She loves to watch me top another guy, it get's her really wet and horny. You could be our foreplay. Then I could give her a good fucking and you could clean us both up after!!” “I’d love to do that for you” I said. “Do you fuck her in the ass? I’d love to taste her ass all over you cock and then get down on my knees and clean all your cum out of her asshole.” He laughed and said, “You would would you? Well shut the fuck up and get back to sucking my cock and we will see whether you earn that privilege. Man you are a good cocksucker, though. And married as well” he said, catching the glint of my wedding ring in the light from the video. “Does your wife know what a cocksucking little faggot you are? Maybe you should bring her with you next time? I’d love to show her just what you are like and how much you like having my cock in your mouth.”

He started shoving his cock in harder and deeper, pushing into my throat. I was gagging and choking all over his thick cock. He just looked down at me and laughed. “This is fucking great,” he said. “I love to watch you gagging and choking and trying your hardest to swallow all of my thick cock. It looks so good going in and out of your mouth. My wife won’t let me gag and choke her with my cock. But then again, she isn’t anything like as submissive a little bitch as you are. Get ready now, because I am going to shoot a huge load of cum into your mouth and you are going to swallow all of it just like one of these fucking sluts on the screen. You hear that, cunt? You better not spill a single drop!” All of a sudden I could feel his balls tighten and his cock get even harder and then he started to spasm and shoot spurt after spurt of thick cum down my throat. He quickly backed off so that the rest of the load went into my mouth and started filling it up. His load was huge, and I almost spilled some, but was careful to make sure that I didn’t. “Good. It is too good to waste, isn’t it? Now open up and show me what you’ve got. Ahh, look at that! Filled to the brim. Now be a good little cunt and swallow it all for me.” I did as I was told and let the huge load slide down my throat. “Good boy,” he said. “Now put my cock back in your mouth and clean off the rest of my cum. I don’t want to mess up my clothes when I put it back in.” I submissively put his cock back in my mouth and used my tongue to clean up every last drop of his cum.

“Great job, cocksucker. I think you have earned a trip to visit me and my wife. She is going to love watching me use your faggot mouth. And I know she is going to want you to lick and suck her pussy and ass to get them good and ready for my cock. So rest up before I call you, you jaw is going to be aching when we have finished with you!!”