Written by Heather

30 Nov 2011

The first time I flashed my pussy in public it was accidental. We were on holiday in Spain in June, I had been sunbathing nude on our balcony and dozed off. Not for long luckily, but long enough to slightly burn my pussy. Not badly, but enough to make wearing panties uncomfortable for a day or two, but not bad enough to stop us shagging fortunately. We were at the local market, I was wearing a sarong and bikini top while shopping with Mark, when the breeze blew the sarong open exposing my pussy. I didn't even notice until Mark told me. It was his suggestion that I leave it and pretend I was unaware of what was happening. I suppose I've always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak and went a long with it. We strolled through the market, with me intermittently flashing my pussy for about 30 minutes before walking back to our apartment. We took the route along the beach front, the gusts stronger, the sarong open, my cunt exposed more than it was covered. By the time we got to our flat my pussy was soaking and I was hot for a shag. I found it so horny, I packed my panties in my suitcase and didn't wear any for the remainder of the holiday, not even with my shortest skirts, flashing at every opportunity.

We were both hooked and after we returned continued, albeit a little more discretely. I'm in my mid thirties, decent enough body and legs to wear revealing clothes, my tits are a bit small, 32b, but are firm and pert which a bonus. We went to places away from our local area, a country pub, sitting in the garden, crossing my legs flashing my gash or letting a loose top fall open exposing my tits. I got a bit more daring each time, my pussy getting wet and we'd often have to find somewhere to stop and fuck on the way home. After the holiday I'd let my pubes grow back to a trimmed triangle on my mound, just shaving between my legs, the dark hair drawing attention to the fact I was exposing myself. I went out several times wearing a pair of ultra low rise jeans, at least an inch strip of my dark bush visible, the top of my bum uncovered, getting lots of attention.

After a couple of months we were going to bars and I would blatantly sit with my legs open for several minutes, chatting to Mark who would tell me who was looking, telling me to move a bit, to give a guy a better view of my pussy, having to go further to get the same Buzz. We were travelling home from one of these evenings and I was feeling particularly horny. On a stretch of dual carriageway, I turned on the interior lights, took off my skirt, undid my top, reclined the seat slightly and began masturbating. Fingering my pussy, playing with my nipples, Mark concentrating on driving with difficulty. We seemed to be slowing down and I realised why as we slowly passed a truck until we were level with the cab. We drove alongside, the driver able to look down and see me naked, fingering my pussy. We had to pull ahead to let traffic pass several times, then drop back and I masturbated until I came. We had an amazing fuck when we got home and I told Mark that the driver had been pointing and indicating for us to pull off in to a rest area, which gave us another idea.

Mark is a builder and runs a Transit pick-up truck, a cab at the front, open with sides about 2 feet high behind. It was the height which made it ideal, cars wouldn't be able to see but lorry drivers would be high enough to look down into it. We had a couple of old mattresses which we laid in the back, all the preparation needed. The section of road we'd used before was ideal. Large truck rest areas opposite each other, junctions 4 or 5 miles either side. We could drive down one side then at the junction go over and return by the opposite carriageway. It was some distance from home so I sat in the cab while Mark drove to a lay-by just off the road we wanted. It was after midnight when I climbed in the open rear with my bag of toys, stripped naked and lay on the mattresses, massaging plenty of lube onto my pussy, though to be honest I was already so wet I didn't really need to.

We moved off down the slip road, I spread my legs, touching my pussy, eagerly anticipating being watched wanking and toying. Mark drove fairly slowly, cars speeding passed, hoping a lorry would catch us up. I slid a vibrator in my hole, fucking myself with it, sitting up to see what was behind us a couple of times, nothing caught us, so down the other carriageway. By good fortune we pulled out just in front of a lorry. Mark slowed letting him catch up, then when he was close enough to see me, matched his speed. I lay completely exposed, fingering my cunt, using the vibrator, the driver invisible to me, watching me masturbate until we pulled off at the next junction to the sound of his horns. We pulled in at the rest area after I had just climaxed, when Mark stuck his head over the side and asked if I wanted to stop or go around again. “Keep going, see if we can get one to follow us and park” I replied. He turned to go but I called him back, “You know what we talked about earlier. I've changed my mind. If we're followed, and if you still want me to, I'm going to let him fuck me” The look on his face was sufficient, a grin from ear to ear as he jumped in the cab and we went around again.

We drove around three more times another one successful, a driver following us while I rammed a dildo in my cunt, then turned over, my bum towards him, slid a slim vibe up my arse, before mounting the dildo bouncing up and down on it. Unfortunately he carried on when we turned off. I was starting to get cold despite my exertions, more or less deciding to call it a night. We rejoined the road cruising fairly slowly, I sat up watching a vehicle coming up behind, waiting until it was close enough to see it was a lorry, just the cab unit no trailer, so maybe not on a schedule. I waited until it was close, the headlights illuminating me, certain I'd been seen me before I laid down, fingering my sex. Our speeds matched, he followed. I rubbed my clit, then lifted my juicy fingers to my mouth. I was in urgent need of fucking. We passed the sign about a mile from the rest area, instead of carrying on playing with myself I sat up, tapped on the cab window telling Mark to pull off and started pointing, indicating to the driver that I wanted him to follow.

Mark started to indicate, so did the lorry. I lay back down out of sight as he followed us to the furthest and darkest spot. Mark parked, about 50 yards in front of several lorries leaving space behind. The lorry stopped close, the headlights still on. Should I climb out and go over to him or wait, I wasn't sure. I waited a minute not moving, propped up on one elbow, legs spread wide, gently frigging my clitoris, aware of the cool air on my wet, gaping pussy. The delay was to much for Mark he got out, stopping briefly to drop the tailgate, checking I hadn't changed my mind. He went up to the cab and with no messing about asked the driver if he wanted to fuck me. I didn't hear his answer, but Mark called me over. I clambered out joining him, standing on the side open to the rest of the car park totally naked.

I've never felt so exposed but incredibly aroused and excited at the same time, aware that a truck could pass any moment, that if the drivers of the parked lorries were awake they'd see me. Mark put his arm around me cupping my right tit, giving it a squeeze, pinching the erect nipple, telling him I was a nymphomaniac and I needed to be fucked. I played along, opening my legs reaching down fingering myself. Mark continued, that I couldn't help it, if I wasn't being fucked, I spent hours every day masturbating. “She's yours if you want to fuck her” Rubbing my cunt faster, I joined in “Please hurry, I can't wait much longer. I really, really need to be fucked” I didn't have to pretend to sound desperate, I was desperate. He grinned down at me, opening his door, turning to speak to someone as he jumped down and I realised he wasn't alone. Two guys, not what we'd planned and to late to back out even if I'd wanted to.

We went to the other side of the truck, the driver unzipping his overalls, pulling his cock out. I bent over taking it in my hand, stroking him, feeling his prick stiffen. His mate got his prick out, nice and hard already and stood wanking. Mark was next to me, his hand on my bum, moving his hand between my legs, pushing his fingers in my cunt, that felt nice but I wanted a cock in me. Mark crouched whispering to me to suck the guys cock. I pulled him closer could smell his sweat, diesel on his clothing, the salty taste of his cock as I took him in my mouth and began sucking this strangers cock, like a cheap roadside whore. The deeper I sucked him the more I liked it, Mark ramming his fingers in my cunt, the guys hands holding my head, his hard prick almost in my throat until I clamped my lips tightly and gripped his cock with my teeth to stop him from making me gag. I sucked his cock for a few minutes until he turned me around, pushing my faced towards his mates rampant cock. Mark stood back as the driver rubbed his prick back and fore along my dripping cunt then rammed his cock straight up me lifting me off my feet and almost forcing his mates cock down my throat.

I sucked greedily on the cock fucking my mouth, my cunt just as greedily taking a hard, deep pounding. I felt my pussy muscles fluttering and contracting, a sign I was close to cumming. I spat the cock from my mouth, groaning, panting, frigging my clit bringing my climax closer, telling the guy to cum, I wanted to feel his spunk inside me. He kept thrusting, fucking me hard, grunting as with a final thrust he slammed his cock up me and came deep in my cunt.

He pulled straight out, I was still panting, not quite there, when his mate slid his cock into my spunk laden hole and carried on fucking me. His thicker cock, stretching my fuck hole, his bollocks slapping my clit as he fully penetrated me, almost instantly sending me over the top. I cried out as I orgasmed, frenziedly frigging, wanting the maximum stimulation, waves of orgasmic pleasure, coursing through my body. My legs shook, I hung onto the side of the cab to prevent myself from falling. He carried on, fucking me. In, out, in, out, ramming me relentlessly, faster, harder, deeper, my whole body shuddering as he banged me. I felt another orgasm building, hung on to the cab tightly, shaking as I came again. I didn't think I could take much more, the whole erotic, sluttiness of being fucked in a lorry park by two complete strangers almost overwhelming me. I kept repeating over and over, “Please cum in me. Please cum in me. I want take your spunk. I want your spunk” With an almost animal growl he thrust into me, holding me still as his fat cock pulsed, ejaculating two or three heavy spurts of spunk, deep in my cunt.

He pulled out,put his cock away, zipped up his overalls and the pair of them, gave me a peck on the cheek, a cheery thanks, before climbing in the cab and driving off. Mark helped me over to the pick up, his cock standing erect. I threw my arms around his neck, kissing him passionately, holding him close, his prick hard between us. I broke our kiss, turned around, bent resting my hands on the seat, spread my legs and wordlessly offered him my spunk laden cunt. He slid his cock straight in, fucking my sloppy hole, muttering to himself, “Oh fuck, this is great. I can feel their spunk, you fucking horny Slut” He only managed a few minutes before he added his own contribution to the spunk mixture swimming inside me.

I'd only been wearing a shift dress and panties which I put back on for the drive home after what we both thought was an excellent first night out, the first of several, some more successful than others.