Written by dickdick

3 Apr 2012

About three years ago i was on my way home late at night back to Garstang from Lancaster.My mobile rang so i pulled up in this laybi where some lorrys were parked up .I rang the number i had missed and whilst i was talking the light on the truck cab in front of me came on .This young guy ,guess around 23 ish, stood up to get something from the top of his cab.I was gob smacked to see he was completly nude and did not seem to be aware i was parked in front of him.His cock had a semi on ,i found out latter he had been watching porn ,He turned his light off and closed one of his curtain so i thought he had gone on his bunk to bed .Next thing i could see in the dark he lit a fag and started to smoke ,i turned my light on and pretened to be messing with stuff in my car ,to my amazement his light came on and he stood up fag in one hand and wanking his perfect full erected cock in his other.I dropped my tracky bottoms and wanked back at him with my lights on ,.He turned his off again and opened his door asking me in .I was out and in to his cab like a shot .He put a dim light on laid on his bed smoking his cig and said do what u like to me .I undressed and started to slowley lick his cock working down his shaft to his balls back up to suck his thick large cock that was by now full of pre cum.How far dare i go i thought but went in for more ! I opened his legs raising them up and my tonque went down from his balls to his arse where i got my tonque to work ,He moaned and begged me for more saying no woman had ever done this to him ,I got him nice and moist by this time my cock was throbbing .I started to finger him ,at first he wanted me to stop saying he had never done this before but soon as i got my tonque back on him he relaxed and said carry on ,His cock was close to bursting , i turned him over doggy and teased his arse with my thick cock then went for the kill putting my bell end in first and slowley slidding my cock deep in his perfect arse ,he tried to stop me bit after a few fucks he stated to groan again ! We had no rubber but promosed i wouldnt dump up him ,I then got him on his back legs up and sent my dick deep in pounding his arse so he could see me slidding it in and out ,This was too much for him he screemed and shouted as he exspoded so much spunk it hit me and the cab roof i pulled out and sent my load over him ,We laid there a good half hour and by then he wanted a repeat peformance but i was too knackered .He told me he had ony ever wanked with a guy before and this was all new but even though he was woman mad he had never exsperienced a orgasm like what he just had ,I still see him regular when he is parked up over night my way but bring him back to my gaff now for longer play ,Hes still as fit as fuck and horny as hell ,I look at truckers in a new light now .