Written by RollonRolloff

2 Mar 2010

It started a few years ago, when my then girlfriend and myself decided at the last minute to book a holiday in the sun. We were going through a bit of a rocky stage in our relationship, and it was a try to repair what was left before it was too late. We decided on a trip to Spain. We tried to get flights, no chance at a sensible price, so it was to be a drive to the ferry, then of the other side and another long drive to our apartment. It was quite a long crossing from Plymouth to Santander, but we did have a cabin. When we boarded, My girlfriend said “There are a lot of Lorry’s queuing for the ferry? I assured her that it was a freighter as well as a mini cruise, that’s how they can do it so cheap. We were given a Cabin number and we made our way there. On board there was a lot of confusion around the reception area, people trying to find where they were sleeping. We put ur bags in the cabin and made our way to the bar, which there were a few. There was a pool that my wife showed a bit of interest in saying all though it was small, it would be fun to have a swim later. Yes I said, thinking when we set to sea she would forget. We sat at the bar and had a few drinks and got talking to a couple of guys. They turned out to be Truckers. Stacey was a little light headed, and as we set sail she commented how much the ship moved, That’ll be to do with the amount of drink you’ve had in just under an hour. I said I was going to get showered and ready for a meal in the evening. Stacey said she would have one more and then come back. I knew this was a bad idea as the ship was quite big and she would never find her way back to the cabin if I left her there, anyway we were trying to get on with each other not spend time apart. Half an hour later I said again that I was going to have a shower, and one of the guys said she would be alright with them, lets face it what could she get up too, there’s nowhere she can go? I was pretty pissed off at this stage, but went to have a shower anyway. I was very quick. And when I got back to the bar she was still there. Both the drivers who turned out to be Harry and Dave were very quiet when I get to the bar and I sensed a suspicious quiet. Go and have a shower I told Stacey, we will be eating soon. OK was her answer. She assured me she knew her way back to the cabin, in fairness it was pretty much below where we were standing. When Stacey had gone, I got talking to the guys about where they were heading. One was heading for Seville the other Portugal.

After a couple of minutes Harry said he was going to his cabin which he had to share with another Trucker, who he said he didn’t even know, how odd I thought, but this apparently happens when the ferry is full. We were lucky to get a late booking. Obviously it’s easier to get a car into a space than it is a truck. I decided to go back and check on Stacey and shimmy her up a bit. I got to our cabin and my swipe card wouldn’t work, I tried again and again, then decided after calling to Stacey and assuming she was in the shower and couldn’t hear me, to go to reception. I returned after about ten minutes with a ships steward. The door opened first time, Sorry I explained to the steward, It appears I’ve wasted your time. Stacey was drying her hair when I got inside. “Didn’t you hear me calling” I asked her? I couldn’t open the door. Sorry I didn’t hear you, she said. I went into the toilet and closed the door. On the side was a pair of Staceys Knickers, She had obviously forgotten to take them out after her shower. On closer examination They were soaking wet in the gusset, That doesn’t smell like pee to me, It was spunk, fucking loads of it. What the fuck was going on? I thought about it for a minute and decided not to make a scene. I left them where they were, washed my hands and left saying I would be waiting in the bar. TBC...