Written by Horny trucker

31 Aug 2019

Hi this happen about 15 years ago I was working in a job in a transport firm which I worked some of the time in the office and the rest of the time driving.

Jane was 21 lived at home with her mum a dad. She told me she didn't go out with friends

or anything.

She was new to the firm so she had come out with me on the road for a day so she could see

what the firm done it was based in Reading Berks the trip was one drop in Bath and one in Lydney Glos. then back to Reading. So at first she didn't talk much. Then she wouldn't stop chatting I said to her do you have a boyfriend no she said I've never had one oh I said girlfriend then?.

No said mum and dad wouldn't like it. In my mind I was thinking mum and are not going to get it. All I could think in mind I got talk my way in to her pussy.

We chatted away then I said can I ask you something what she said? So you've never had sex then never she said. I said wouldn't you like to try it?.

Don't know Jane said I fucking do I was thinking.

Her mum and dad had a caravan and where going away for a week or ten days to Scotland and she was staying home. Back to the office only for a hour or so then it was home time.

Jane had a car but it was off the road in for mot or some thing so I being nice would you like a lift home is it out of your way oh no I said it was drove her home drop me down the road she said why I asked mum and dad wouldn't like it!!. Then out of the blue she asked me would you like my mobile number ok I said thinking fucking nice one.

I said when your folks are away if you need someone to chat to call me my dad in law lived in Kent about 70 or 80 miles away and had not been well so the wife was going to stay with him for the weekend.

so Jane call Friday night I was in bed alone we chatted away so I said i'm in bed she said so am I. Then I joked but i'm naked I was my cock in my hand biggest hard on ever. I asked what have you got on night dress take it off I said joking but thinking take it off. We joked around for a bit getting dirtier and dirtier then I told her I was wanking she said wish I could see it come over then you can my cars off the road she said i'll come over to you then ok she told me are you sure yes said I was out of bed quicker then I've got out of bed before. I n the car over to hers tapped on her door she opened it come in she said. so I go my cock was rock hard i tried to hide the tent in my jeans she looked down oh my word!! Sorry i said i can't help it. She said can I hold it in my hand yes thinking all my birthday had come at once. Got my cock out played with it a bit then asked me can I suck it I could hardly talk by now yes if you like In a funny voice.

So my cock now in her mouth shes licking my bell-end it tastes salty she said !!! thinking yyyyyyyeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

So get my hand around her bum working round to her pussy she love it. Me too. We didn't fuck that night but i lick her and made her come over and over again.

I got her to squat over my face and move as i licked her told tell to go faster or slower to what ever felt good for her. At first she was shy but she soon got into it. Next thing i know i'm rimming her she really loved that me too.

First of many nights she turned out to be the dirty and a horny bitch

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