Written by hung_Ryan

11 May 2008

Trulie Looks After Me

In the interests of professionalism I’ll sadly have to omit some details and specifics, but what follows is the story of my mind blowing two weeks work experience last summer :) :) !

I’m a 21 year old student and for my degree I have to undertake work experience and last year I spent a fortnight at one establishment in Exeter, 30-odd miles from home. As it was a bit far to easily commute each day, the placement told me one of their staff had a room that work experience people or temps often stayed in. I gladly accepted and welcomed the chance to get to know the place and people better as a result.

On my first morning I drove down and took my stuff with me. Julie, the woman who I’d be staying with wasn’t working that day but when it came to lunch I was given direction to her house. It was only a couple of streets away from the placement on a pleasant cul-de-sac, with a neat front garden and a few flowers dotted about. I knocked at the door and after a minute a pretty blonde walked around from the side of the house. She was about 5’6”, with shoulder length light blonde hair and reminded me at first of Renee Zellweger in the bridget jones – only a bit slimmer and with a more featureful face. She introduced herself as Trulie, and knew who I was. She led me inside.

She seemed a little bit brusk and not particularly friendly and I was a little concerned at first that she didn’t want me staying with her. She asked me if I had lunch (which I did and then left me to unpack and eat as she went off doing other stuff. I did all this and pretty soon had to go back for the afternoon. I found and thanked her again for putting me up. She smiled and said it was fine and that she’d seem me later. As she smiled she did look truly lovely, really beautiful. This image stuck with me as I strolled back to the placement. The afternoon was interesting and I was getting on well with a couple of attractive girls (but sadly I had already worked out they were taken). I was feeling confident regarding the opposite sex from the afternoon as I walked back to Trulie’s and was feeling a bit excited to be lodging with another attractive example.

I got back and found that Trulie was getting ready to go out – she was dressed in nice tight jeans and summery top and smelled subtly of perfume. My heart dropped a little assuming at first she was seeing some man, but when I overheard her talking to some girl on the phone about picking her up my heart re-sprang. Of course the age difference (she must have been about 28-30) meant I wasn’t being serious but it was nice to imagine all the same. She showed me to some food I could do for my supper and told me that she’d be back by half-ten. She seemed very cheerful and came across as pretty hot and a touch exclusive. The evening wore on and I cooked a bit of supper and sat in the garden for a bit and watched a bit of tv. It had been a long day though and I went to bed at about ten. I heard Julie come in but she didn’t call for me. I wondered if she was working tomorrow and if there’d be a bathroom clash, and pretty soon went to sleep.

Next morning I got up at half-seven as I always like to have some tea before hitting the shower. I’d been downstairs for about 15 minutes when Trulie was into the kitchen and she looked quite cute in a fluffy white dressing gown. She smiled warmly and told me she was working at one of the companies other branches today and that she would drop me off on her way. I asked if she’d had fun the night before, she said yes but didn’t really elaborate. This small-talky conversation took a turn though when the flow of conversation led to me coincidentally saying that I was single. Trulie’s dark blue eyes lit up a little when I said it though it wasn’t till an hour or so later that I realised this.

The day passed un-incidentally and I was home about 45 minutes ahead of Trulie. I hit the shower as soon as I got in and was in the kitchen when she got back. She seemed happy when she got in and put some shopping down on the kitchen table where I as sitting. I noticed a couple of bottles of wine and she said that she was looking forward to a nice night in. She was smiling freely and a touch buzzy and told me she was cook us supper. When I offered to help she agreed, flirtily commenting that she would show me how it was done.

It was a fun evening and we got on well and had a fair few glasses of wine, and ended up on the sofa watching a bit of telly and joking together. It was still only about half eight when Trulie got up and said she’d better go upstairs. I watched her walk up the open staircase and stretched out on the sofa. About ten minutes later. I heard a couple of slow footsteps on the stairs and looked up to see Trulie in a light pink see-through night- wow!!! I didn’t hide my delight as I sat back and looked impressed and thrilled, giving the game away a shade. As she walked further down the stairs and into the light of the lounge it revealed a matching pink lace and mesh two piece under her nighty. She walked over and smiled warmly and a touch knowingly – knowing of the fact that enough chemistry had built between us that evening that we needn’t wait any longer. “Wow you look amazing” was all I could say as she stroked my head and asked if I wanted more wine, grinning al the while. She slinked into the kitchen and I felt no shame and a massive thrill of delirium as I watched the cheeks of her fantastic peachy bum as she walked away from me.

She got back and handed me a glass, and sat next to me on the sofa, lying into me and curling her legs up on the cushion. In quiet tones we conversed normally for a few minutes before I finally clocked that it was my turn to make a move. I sat Trulie up a bit and began to kiss her softly, moving a hand along her thigh. The next bit I’ve forgotten t be honest but it wasn’t long before Trulie stood up, took my hand and led me upstairs. The evening had been a fantasy come true, but it all felt.

Once in her room, and the end of the landing and past my room, she carried on kissing me while undoing my trousers before pulling away and sitting down on the bed and looking on smiling as I slipped my t-shirt off and sat next to her in my boxers, erection very much in evidence. She giggled and raised her eyebrows and gave it a stroke as she stood up and slid off her nighty. She looked just cracking in her pink mesh undies, her medium-sized tits pumped up nicely by a wired bra. I took her in my arms and layed her on the bed. She rolled me over so she was on all fours over me and told me to follow her lead and grinning turned round, as she did saying “does 69 take sirs fancy!?” My mind went mental, I’d never doen it before and always loved the idea. She got my cock out and cooed appreciatively and she kissed and sucked lightly before I felt her slide my foreskin back and begin to wrap her tongue tortuously around my head. Meanwhile I savoured pulling pants down kissing her bum and thighs, nuzzling her crotch and really thanking the lord that I was alive! I felt her light blonde hair on my thighs as she ducked her head down onto me, and as she began to work me more enthusiastically I repaid her by going into sucking and tonguing her delicious, juicy cunt. Trulie gave a long “mmmmmm!!” as I ran my tongue up and down the length of her quim, stopping now and then to suck her clit gently between my lips.

Cont. soon…………..