Written by Kaitlyn

10 Sep 2017

I have always enjoyed watching spanking porn and it being a little rougher,the idea of trying it myself always made me wet. I've never felt comfortable enough with anybody before to suggest some light bondage until now. I met jack at a party and the sexual chemistry was electric.. he made me feel great and it gave the confidence to do anything, I was his. After we had been to a wedding one evening I was a little drunk and told him on the taxi ride home that I wanted to play rough, we got back to his and to my absolute delight, he had done this before, he had a whipp and some restraints.

Jack started to kiss me.. so softly at first, I was confused but then he spun me round and told me to bend over his bed, he lifted my dress over my hips and peeled my panties off and told me to spread my legs a little. He slapped my arse, it stung but I could feel myself getting wetter. He told me to count out 7 slaps, I did whilst he told me off for not telling him sooner what I wanted.

He then took my dress off, followed my bra, he tied my arms behind my back and made me kneel on the floor in front of him, where he took his throbbing cock out and thrust it on my mouth, I was literally gagging for it, feeling how hard he is was just made me suck deeper. Jack made me then stand up, again legs spread, he whipped me gentle on my pussy and traced my body round to my arse and gave it a good slap. It hurt.. but I was loving it.

Jack suddenly shoved two fingers in my pussy and it felt so good I begged for more, jack added another finger, I was soaking and wanted him. Jack finger fucked me hard and fast, just as I was screaming to cum he stopped, slapping my hard nipples with the whip. I could see Jacks cock throbbing and begged for him to fuck me how he wanted.

Jacked moved me the bed untied my hands and refastened them to the bed post. He bit my nipples before finally thrusting his cock in my

Wet pussy, hard and fast he fucked me whilst grabbing on to my

Bouncing tits. I came before him, this has never happened before. Jack shouted as I came first he was going to cum on my face, it was warm and plentiful and I enjoyed it.

Jack eventually untied me and we fucked once more. I loved my first rougher experience, jack tells me he has ordered some nipple clamps.. I am on count down until they arrive.. watch this space.