Written by John

27 Dec 2018

I've recently got interested in dressing in women's lingerie. Which is a surprise to me as I am quite a masculine type of bloke.

There is a charity shop near me that often stocks women's lingerie and sometimes it's just bra and knickers, and sometimes more elaborate basques etc. I have just had a huge thrill trying on and buying a very lacy teddy complete with stockings. It looks like a black lacy nightie but with a bra built in and suspenders for stockings.

The shop is staffed by an older man and sometimes women. Today it was just him on his own and the shop was empty so I took the chance and took the teddy to the changing room. I tried it on and my heart was beating loudly and I'm sure he must have heard it.

I stripped off completely and pulled on the teddy, did up the bra strap at the back and then put on the stockings.

The doors to the changing room are the swinging slatted type that leave a small gap between them, and the bottom is about 2 feet off the floor. He was putting stuff on hangars outside the changing room and I could see through the gap that he was watching me. He watched me slide the stockings up my legs and attach them to the teddy. I could see him staring trying to see through the gap in the door and I stood for several minutes turning and looking in the mirror. My heart was beating as if would burst such was the thrill.

I eventually took it off and was naked with a hard on and I'm sue he could see me. I got dressed in my clothes and took the teddy to the counter. He said did it fit and I said yes. He took his time folding it and I'm sure he could see my bulge.

He took the money and said that they often had stuff in if I'd want to try something on again.

I took my purchase and left and quickly went home.

I really wanted him to see me dressed in it but thought that was probably pushing my luck a bit. Maybe next time.