Written by Banjobill

5 Aug 2009

I was made redundant when the firm I worked for was taken over. There was no place for a 55 year old accountant among all the young graduates so I took the package offered and ran. My wife of over 30 years had me redecorate the house and remodel the garden which took about 6 months but what would I do then. She is involved in several women's group and works 2 days a week at a Charity Shop. I have always enjoyed reading pornography but could no longer justify the cost so I went to Borders found an interesting book and went for a coffee in the coffee bar. This became a regular Tuesday morning thing so much so that the coffee shop staff didn't even bother to ask for my order anymore.

I am not what you would call a hunk, not quite a chunk, anyway one morning when reading a particularly good readers wives book from Penthouse a woman sat at a nearby table asked could I recommend the book for her and her friend to read!! I could feel myself blushing and managed to stammer yes. She and her friend laughed, and it was then that I noticed her friend was in a wheel chair, she had lovely long auburn hair and a cheeky grin They asked me to join them which I did. June and Tricia are their names both about 50 with a wicked sense of humour and a prurient interest in sex which was obvious after only a few minutes conversation. They had seen me getting a book and then having a coffee for a few weeks and had decided to make contact. June is Tricia's carer and has lived with her since a car accident which killed Tricia's husband and left her with a large insurance payout. Quite openly they discussed their relationship and that for a long time had talked about getting a guy to join them. Tricia is very open about sex and said that even though her legs didn't work her cunt did, would I accept the invitation? I have never felt so aroused and it must have showed because we soon left and I followed their car to a detached bungalow about 15 minutes drive away.

When we got their Jean laid down the rules, anything goes unless you dont want to. We went to the back of the bungalow where there is a sun lounge with a large jacuzzi, stripped off our clothes and got in. June is tall and slim with very small breasts and a beautiful bum and it was the first time I had seen a shaved cunt in the flesh. Tricia is smaller with stunning boobs and loads of rich brown pubic hair reaching up to her navel. I lifted Tricia into the jacuzzi, under June's direction, and she was nibbling my ear and stroking my cock as soon as I picked her up. In the water I started to stroke her clit and comb her pubes with my fingers, June knelt close by and started to wank me and told me Tricia liked to be sucked and finger fucked. I obliged and she started to moan softly at first but the volume grew until she screamed and her cunt nearly broke my fingers off!! June kept her slow wanking until I turned round and buried my cock in her mouth upto the hairs. I came like never before. Tricia started to finger June and they stared to do their own thing. I have watched porno films with two women making love but this was real and the most erotic sight I have ever seen.

Later we had coffee and sandwiches and discussed the future which has turned out like an erotic fantasy for me. I have introduced to anal both giving and receiving using items from their toy box and look forward to Tuesdays. I told my wife I had joined a reading group at Borders, she replied enjoy yourself. I have , I do and I will.

This may not seem much to many people on this site but for a hitherto straight boring guy my life has been transformed.