Written by albert dock 8791

18 Apr 2010

I have just been fucked by a turkish lorry driver at a local cottage in anj industrial area of Manchester, He walked past my car on at the car park next to the toilets, he said something, which i did not understand then walked off, i followed him and touched my arse and rubbed my cock to let him know i was interested.

I got back in my car and took my pants and knickers down, he came to the door opened it and pushed and pulled me out of the car, turned me round and pushed me over my seat. he then got his cock out which was quiet big and hard, i quickly wet my arse hole as he was going to fuck me dry and i knew he would hurt me as he was big, it felt huge as he slammed it into me with a grunt, he then slapped my arse hard called me things which i did not understand but guess he thought i was and am a cock slut!! he pushed my head down hard and slapped my face and pulled my hair as he shot his load up my arse hole. He wiped his cock on my arse, then grabbed me puuled and pushed me on to my knees then slapped his cock in mt face, and made me suck and lick his cock clean. I have never been used out in th open in such a way before, usually i let men have me in safe places, however i think i may return here again!!