Written by Cucka2

4 Jul 2019

We have just come back from a 2 week holiday in OluDeniz. We have been before and Michelle loves the attention she gets as a big tittied blonde mother of two with voluptuous figure that the young guys in Turkey love. She loves to be filled by their young (well usually younger than she as is in her fifities) cocks and cum.

We arrived Saturday nearly 3 weeks ago and unpacked went downtown to our fave haunts with Michelle wearing a short denim skirt, a tank top and no bra which showed her 44 D's off perfectly with her large nipples poking through her top. We went to a bar and she went to get a drink whilst I sat down and immediately was set upon by a couple of younger guys. She chatted to them and bought drinks and came and sat near me but at an empty table w ith the two guys. She gave me my drink and winked then sat with the guys.

They were all over her like a rash and she enjoyed teasing them as she drank her drink they quickly bought her another and then another as she flirted with them. Half an hour later both guys had their hands on her knees moving higher to stroke her inner thighs. She sat back in her chair and opened her legs which was an invite for both of them to move their hands higher and begin to stroke her inner thigh with one of the guys fiddling with her knickers and pulling them to one side as he began to play with her pussy. The bar was dark and we had chosen an area that wasn't out by the disco lights and Michelle sat back and let the guys carry on.

I went over and said hi and Michelle said don't worry this is my husband and he is ok with what's going on. I suggested we take the situation off site to another bar and the guys agreed and we went to find somewhere else to play......TBC