Written by turkeylover

19 Sep 2008

this incident happened about a year ago when the wife and i were on holiday in turkey.

we are both 32 and the wife is blonde ,34dd 25 35 5 foot 4\" tall. four days into our 2 week holiday we started talking to two women who were on holiday ,they were with their friends black grandfather and because of a mix up he was sharing there room and they had to have a sheet to separate them to give them privacy. we also talked to him \"and for now we will call him harry\" he was about 6 ft tall , quite stocky and 76 years old.it turned out they still had 3 days left so we said look if you want he can stay in our apartment as we had a spare room, so he said yes and moved in.

his second night in we were getting ready to go out when the wife accidentally walked into the bathroom while he was in the shower ,the curtain was closed but she saw him behind it and he was having a wank ,she said his cock looked enormous. 6 hours later we had been out all night and when we got back harry was sat watching tv but turned it off and went to bed. i wondered what he had been watching so i turned it back on and a porn film was playing we watched it for a bit then went to bed our selfs.we were in bed naked playing around and i was licking her shaved pussy when i said just think it is harry doing this ,and she got even more turned on.

i moved up and said to her, why dont you go into his room ,just say you got the wrong room, she said dont you think he is a lot too old ,but i said ,if he can wank he cant be can he.she lay there thinking ,then said i will. anyway she went to the bathroom then into his room ,i heard her turn his light on and say oh sorry harry i got our room mixed up and as she was naked he said dont you worry come and sit here if you want. by now both our doors were open and every light but theirs was off. i heard her sit on his bed and he said as your naked would you like to see me, and he threw his sheet off took her hand and placed it on his cock, he asked about me ,so she told him i was asleep, she then started stroking it and it was soon rock hard so she went down and sucked it.

he said let me lick you so she got into a 69 and they did each other then he said have you ever had 11\" in you, the wife said she hadnt so she got on top and lowered herself onto it. she slid down slowly and soon it was nearly all in and she started moving up and down ,i could tell by her breathing and the noises she was making that she was loving it, then harry said ,now it in let me fuck you so she lay back and he got between her legs she took hold of it and held it to her pussy then he pushed into her.i had alook in and saw his full cock going in and out of her, her pussy was

stretched around it and as he got faster she was saying please dont stop i am comming and comming,

he then said i am going to come ,shall i pull out, but she said no for gods sake come in me, at that he tensed up and shot into her . they lay there a few mins and when he pulled out he was still hard, his come ran out and down her ass, he then got her on her hands and knees and fucked her ass.

she came back to bed an hour later covered in come telling me she lost count of her orgasms.

before his holiday finished he got it once more . thats a later story