Written by Jane

23 Jul 2009

Dave and I went to Turkey recently, the first time we'd visited the country. About 3 days into the holiday, Dave had gone down to the pool, but I'd decided to stay upstairs and do a bit of topless sunbathing. After about an hour I was quite hot and sweaty and thought I would have a shower, but the shower wasn't working. I telephoned reception and was told an engineer would be up within the hour. So thinking that it would probably be nearer the hour, I went back onto the balcony to continue with my sunworshipping. There was a knock a the door, I jumped up from the lounger and went inside, with the idea of putting on my robe. As I got into the room,the door opened and in came the engineer. I think he was as surprised as I was. Here I was blond bimbo, dressed in a skimpy thong and smile, now talking to this Turkish delight,not. He asked what the problem was and I said there was no water coming through. I followed him into the bathroom and watched as he twiddled with the various knobs under the bath, eventually getting water to come out of the shower head. As the water ran, he asked if the water was the right temperature for me. I went over to the bath and leaning over, ran my hand under the stream of water. I never thought, but as I was leaning over the bath, my thong uncovered bottom was on display. I glanced behind me and saw him staring at my bum. It's amazing the stupid things you sometimes say. I asked if he liked the view. He said he did, without taking his eyes off it. Would you like to touch it I said. Without another word spoken, he placed both of his hands on my cheeks and started to massage them. This was now a bit of a turn on for me and I turned round. His hands instinctively went round behind me and again grabbed my bum. I could now feel him getting hard and moved my hand down to his groin and started to rub his ever growing cock. I unbuttoned his overalls and took out his beautiful cock. Within seconds they were on the floor and he was pulling down my now sodden thong. he lifted me up and carried me to the bed and was about to lie on top of me, when I thought of my husband and our possible ineruption and I asked him to lock the door.

2 seconds later his was on top of me and we kissing passionately. He was tweaking my nipples, which responded immediately and his hand went down to my soaking pussy, wher he inserted a fingure and started to push it in and out. I asked him to put his lovely cock inside me and smiled, saying you brits like to be fucked, yes. Yes, I said, now get it in. He was a little rough and pushed it straight into me, making me yelp. He was somewhat bigger than Dave, which came as a shock when I realised how big he realy was. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Dave asking if I was in the room. The engineer did not miss a beat and kept rammin gthat lovely piece of muscle into me. I'm usually quite vocal when I come, but because Dave was outside the room, I had to muffle my satisfaction.

When my new lover came moments later, I said that he should go, but instead he said no, now you must take me in your mouth. Here I was, with the hotel engineer in my room, my husband maybe still at the door and me being forced to give my new lover a blow job. I was wonderful. We met 3 more times before the end of our holiday.