Written by sue

3 Apr 2017

last year a gang of us ,all women aged 38 to 50 went to turkey for a break from our husbands , I am sue I am 50 I have blonde hair and even though I am 50 I still have a decent size 12 body , still firm boobs and have been told great legs I also like to keep my pussy smooth.

after 4 days into our holiday and a lot of drinking and sunbathing we were all laid on sunbeds topless getting tanned when one of the Turkish boys from the spa came and asked if we fancied a massage , cheap, I asked how much and it was only about 5 pounds ,the others said maybe later ,but I said ok why not. he was a good looking boy about 19 .

inside it was quiet and obviously hot , I asked what I should wear and he said it was up to me ,and handed me a towel.

I decided to strip off ,got on the table and draped the towel over me , it was small ,just covering my naked pussy , so I pulled it lower exposing my tits, he had seen them on the beach anyhow . he came into the room , he had a pair of shorts on and a tunic top, I turned over and he started on my back , he adjusted the towel so it was low down but turned up exposing all my back and just covering my bum , he massaged back lower then moved to my legs , starting low he worked up my thighs to just below my bum, I felt his fingers brush my bum ,he must have seen my pussy , he lingered around there ,then he asked me to turn over , he moved to the top again ,this time his hands moved over my tits ,as he did my nipples got hard, he carried on down to the towel then down to my ankles , my legs parted a bit , I was getting turned on ,and I knew he could see my smooth pussy ,his hand s moved higher up my thighs and as he massaged them his fingers brushed my pussy lips.

then he asked if I wanted oil ,so I said yes and he went to get it , when he had gone I took off the towel so I was naked ,he came back and smiled , he said do you want extras and as I asked what he meant he took off his tunic and stood there naked , his cock was soft but big ,he poured the oil on me this time taking more time on my tits and my pussy , I got some oil and rubbed it on his cock , he was soon hard and very big , he climbed on the table over me as he rubbed oil every where , and soon he was pushing into me, god he felt good , he fucked me for a long time ,slowly first then faster I came and came ,then so did he , not in me though he pulled out and sprayed it over my stomach .

over the rest of our holiday we had sex 7 times ,one time even a threesome with a friend of mine, will tell you about that later