Written by funpairne

6 Apr 2011

My wife, who enjoys a fairly relaxed, open sex life, was on holiday with one of her girlfriends in Turkey. She had always wanted to experience a turkish bath/massage so one day she decided to take the plunge She is quite tall with long blonde hair and nice 44DD boobs and very open minded ! Anyway, she paid her money, went into the changing room and changed into a two piece swim suit. She was instructed by her masseure, a young Turkish lad, to go into the steam room for 20 minutes and then have a cold shower, which she did. She was then shown into a room and roughly rubbed down by this lad with some sort of mild mix of powder and soap and then told to shower again. After this she was led over to the massage table and told to lie face down. He then proceeded to oil her body very slowly starting at her feet and working up. When he got to her back, without any warning he undid her swim suit top and then rubbed oil into her back, shoulders and arms. He then indicated for her to roll onto her back which she did, keeping her top over her boobs as she did so. He then started oiling her again starting with the tops of her feet and slowly working his way up. By this time my wife said she was very relaxed and turned on. I should have said that the masseure was naked apart from some sort of towling garment wrapped around his waist. When he reached my wifes chest area he just pulled away her top revealing her large breasts which he then massaged with oil, paying particular attention to her nipples. He then worked his way back down her body and again told her to roll over onto her front. My wife said that by this time she was really turned on and was wondering what might happen next. She didn't have to wait long. As she settled onto her front, the masseure took hold of the top of her swimsuit bottoms and slowly pulled them down, finally removing them completely. he then proceeded to rub oil into her bare buttocks and let his fingers slide between her legs, rubbing the outside of her pussy. He rubbed a lot of oil into her bum and was sliding a finger up and down the space between her buttocks. He started to ask if it was nice and if she liked (he didn't speak much English apparantly) and she said "yes she liked" He then went to the end of the masseur table and spreading her legs wide open, moved between them. The next thing she knew she could feel a hard cock rubbing against her bum and then he slowly slid it into her arse. She told me that she was so wet and slippy with oil that his cock just slid straight in. He began to slowly fuck her and she said she was groaning with pleasure. After he had been fucking her for a few minutes she was suddely aware that there were a pair of naked thighs standing in front of her, looking up she saw another masseure who was standing in front of her with a massive hard on. He indicated his cock and said " You like" my wife didnt reply but lent forward and took his cock into her mouth. So there she was, lying naked face down on a massage table being fucked in the arse and sucking on a big cock. This went on for some time and my wife said she orgasmed two or three times. eventually the lad fucking her withdrew and removed his condom. They then both rolled her onto her back and the lad who's cock she had been sucking changed places with the first masseur and without further asking slid his cock into her now very wet pussy and began to fuck her. The origional lad then stood by her head and she started suckig his cock. Whilst this was going on, both lads were playing with her big tits. She said she was fucked for about 20 minutes by the second lad wno eventually withdrew his cock and came all over her tits. The first lad came in her mouth and she swalllowed his cum. After this, both lads took her into a shower cubicle and washed her all over. Needless to say she left a good tip for them.

But thats not all. This happened the second day of her holiday and she had enjoyed it so much, that on the last day, she went back to the same place and asked for the same two boys again. This time she told me that there was much more sex and both lads fucked her several times.

We are both going back to Turkey this summer and I hope to share a massage with her and hopefully watch her get a good seeing to at the same time.