Written by bergerac173

1 Mar 2012

My wife and I were on holiday in Turkey with friends and decided to charter a boat for the day. It was really hot and the two crew men were very friendly.

In the afternoon, one of them came up to me and began to massage my back. Very nice too. I then suggested he does my wife. I have been fantasising about her fucking another man in front of me for ages and imagine her with another man. well this young Turk had a great body and so does my wife and at 52 she has a models figure.

He began to run his hands over her body and as he did my wife was groaning with pleasure.

As his fingers worked their way towards hers bum and fanny areas I began to feel so horny. I was encouraging him to go as far as he possible could with our eye contact.

Unfortuanelty we had friends on board, so there was only so much he could do. But watching another younger man with his hands on my wifes body was driving me mad. I decided to leave him to her and went below deck, where I sat and wanked myself off in the toilet knowing that she had another mans hands all over her. He did not want to stop either. Unfortunatley nothing sexual happened, but when we got back to the hotel I told my wife how excited it had got me and that I wanted to fuck her there and then. she lay on the bed and to my joy her cunt was soaking. This told me that she must have been turned on by it all. She had a slight tinge/smell to her love juices which made it even more exciting. It was the best fuck I have ever had with her.

She will be going away this year with the girls and I have given her my permisson to have another massage, but this time let him fuck her. She gives the most amazing hand job and just picturing his cock in here hands and her wanking him doe the trick for me.