Written by Sheila

10 Jul 2009

zeiJxLike a lot of people I imagine Fred and I found that, after fifteen years, sex was getting a bit predictable and, well....to be honest rather boring. We were on holiday in Fethiye in Turkey last summer and that is when all this kicked off. We were lying on sunbeds under a parasol reading and people watching, we had commented before on how Turkish men never tried to hide the fact that they looked closely at all European women of any age. Never having had any children I had retained my figure very well and I certainly noticed how these Turks looked at my breasts and, if visible, between my legs. Fred said, \\\'Seeing how well endowed a lot of these blokes are, Sheila, do you ever fancy having another cock?\\\' I laughed, \\\'Do you ever fancy another fanny after staring at all these young girls in their bikinis?\\\' \\\'That\\\'s a yes then, is it?\\\', he sounded a bit put out as if he thought I wouldn\\\'t have noticed! \\\'Of course it is, I\\\'ve never had another cock since the first time you fucked me, Fred, but a girl can fancy a bit with someone else, can\\\'t she?\\\'

His attitude changed, \\\'Sorry, old girl, being a bit of a prat, fact is I wouldn\\\'t mind.\\\' Wouldn\\\'t mind what?\\\' \\\'Well, you know, if you fancied a bloke and he was someone I didn\\\'t object to, I wouldn\\\'t mind if you did it with him.\\\' You could have knocked me over with a feather, mind you I had noticed that Fred had been reading a lot of sexy magazines and books. Not that I minded, the fact was that I had long fantasized being fucked by someone I\\\'d seen when Fred was fucking me and I didn\\\'t mind him getting a few kicks out of books and magazines.

About half an hour later a woman came along who had the apartment next to ours, we started chatting and I told her to sit down with us. We soon learned that this was her first holiday in Turkey and some time later, after three men had walked past with their eyes out like chapel hatpegs, she giggled and said, \\\'The men here certainly like looking at women, don\\\'t they?\\\' We talked about it for a few minutes then Fred said he was going for a swim, this was when I found out that she had come to Turkey because she had heard tha the men like women of all ages. You couldn\\\'t really miss the point so I said, \\\'Fancying a bit of Turkish dick are you Pam?\\\' She coloured up a little bit and replied, \\\'No point in denying it, I don\\\'t get the chance of any at home, I want to enjoy myself.\\\' \\\'Tell you what,\\\' I said, \\\'Fred and I are pretty liberal in that direction, if you know what I mean, why don\\\'t we see what we can pick up tonight?\\\' That wasn\\\'t all the conversation of course but I did tell her that Fred wouldn\\\'t mind if I had a Turkish lover, \\\'Safety in numbers,\\\'I commented, \\\'I figured that if we did it together there would be less chance of any problems.\\\' \\\'I reckon you might be right, Sheila, let\\\'s do it!\\\'

That evening the three of us went out together, we had a wander round, window shopping and that and having dinner at one of the many restaurants. The waiters and shop people were all very chatty and one laughingly said, \\\'If you want a dance or anything, you want to go to the Blues Bar, good drink, nice people.\\\' We took his advice and later that evening went there.

We had barely sat down before two young Turkish men came up and asked us to dance, \\\'With your permission, sir,\\\' one of them said. \\\'Sure,\\\' said Fred. A few minutes later we were back at the table laughing, \\\'What\\\'s the big joke?\\\' Fred asked. \\\'You\\\'d never guess,\\\' Pam giggled, \\\'these boys, they\\\'ve all got a hard on when you dance with them!\\\' \\\'Seems like you two are in luck then,\\\' Fred replied. After a good hour and a lot of dancing Pam and I had picked out a couple of boys we fancied and I told Fred, he approved and I said that at about midnight he should slope off and we\\\'d see what would happen. He was barely out of sight before the boys came over, their chat-up line on the dance floor had been, \\\'You fuck tonight?\\\', now we said yes.

We were soon out of the bar and walking to a hotel on the main front. We went in and the boys spoke to the man on the desk, Cem turned to me, \\\'You each pay ten pounds for room.\\\' We paid and we all received towels and a key to the room. Once in the room Cem said, \\\'You ladies shower first,\\\' indicating a door. It turned out to be a \\\'Wet\\\' room, neither Pam nor I were wearing much, bra knickers and a sun dress, we were quickly naked and under the shower. Pam had seemed a bit dowdy to me so I was surprised to see that she had a great figure, true she was younger than me but she certainly did not dress to show off her body. We showered quickly and tucked towels around us before returning to the room, the boys immediately went into the shower. Pam said, \\\'I\\\'m feeling really nervous, Sheila,\\\' \\\'Yes, me too a bit, just remember, it\\\'s only fucking and you\\\'re not a virgin surely.\\\' She grinned \\\'No, but I\\\'ve only done it a few times.\\\' \\\'You\\\'ll be all right, love, if he tries anything funny just say \\\'no\\\', they can\\\'t afford any trouble, don\\\'t worry.\\\'

The boys came back naked, both sporting good erection, neither was huge but both bigger than my Fred. Cem (pronounced Jem) took me in his arms and kissed me, I let the towel fall and he immediately began caressing my breasts, his cock pressed against my stomach. There were two single beds in the room and I was soon lowered onto one of them. Cem continued to caress me finally slipping his hand down over my stomach to feel my fanny. I played with his cock, \\\'You like my \\\'yarack?\\\' \\\'Yes, it\\\'s beautiful,\\\' I started to wank him. \\\'You have beautiful cunt, I fuck you!\\\' \\\'Yes please!\\\' I panted as he diddled my clit. He moved over me and I spread my legs wide, I felt his knob nosing beetween the lips of my fanny and pushed against it. He smiled, \\\'I fuck!\\\', and pushed it up inside, right up until his balls were trapped against my bottom. The he withdrew and thrust up properly for the first time. It all felt so different to Fred as he gently continued thrusting.

I had become extremely wet, it was running round my bottom and I was getting very aroused. I gasped, \\\'Harder, Cem, fuck me harder!\\\' Now he was thrusting the way I wanted and my head was swimming with erotic thoughts and feelings, Cem\\\'s cock was a bit bigger than Fred\\\'s, they say it doesn\\\'t make any difference but it does, as any woman can testify to. The thrills were engulfing me before long, I had never come while being fucked now I knew that I getting close to it, it was a wonderfuil feeling. But I still didn\\\'t! Cem came before it happened, he didn\\\'t come with any great force unlike Fred but he certainly filled me with an enormous amount. He flopped on top of me and I kissed him passionately, holding him tightly as he struggled to get his breath. I loved every moment.

I glanced across to Pam, she was certainly in the throes as she bucked under her boy who was thrusting like a maniac, as I watched he came, Pam screamed her delight, digging her nails into his back and biting his shoulder. I\\\'d never even thought of people doing that, but she sure had enjoyed what he\\\'d done to her.

The boys went to wash and Pam and I talked to each other, \\\'Best sex I\\\'ve ever had,\\\' she told me, \\\'did you enjoy your boy?\\\' \\\'Oh, yes, he was very good, almost made me come,but didn\\\'t quite make it.\\\' \\\'Maybe next time,\\\' Pam said, \\\'I\\\'m sure they\\\'re going to fuck us again,\\\' so was I.

When they came back I didn\\\'t have to wait long for my first orgasm, Cem went down on me and drank his spunk out of me, sucking at my clit was what did the trick. I cried out and thrashed around as, once he\\\'d found what effect his actions had on me, he just didn\\\'t stop until I had to beg him to, I was exhausted. I had never been exhausted from coming before and it was an education. He was soon fucking me again and this time it lasted longer, I still had cum inside me plus my own love-juice and this fucking felt different. I couldn\\\'t remember being fucked for a second time so soon after the first and I loved it and, in the end, supremely satisfied. Not that that was the end, twice more during the night he fucked me, this time on my side as he fucked me from behind and lastly by hauling me up an my knees and fucking me doggy style, What pleasure I had that night, I could hardly believe how incredibly erotically satisfied I felt.

Just before five o\\\'clock, both boys got up, showered quickly and left. Pam and I took our time, we didn\\\'t shower, at my suggestion, and went back to our apatrtment and Fred. But that\\\'s another story in a continuing tale of my sexual experiences in Turkey, I hope to be able to tell you more soon.