Written by Sheila

16 Jul 2009

I left my last contribution with Pam and I returning to our apartments after a long night's fucking by two Turkish lads. We arrived back and I suggested that Pam came into our apartment with me, the door was unlocked and Fred woke as I opened it and we walked in. 'Christ, didn't expect you to be all night,' he grumbled looking at his watch. 'Ah, but wait until I tell you what we've been doing,' I replied. It was already light and I simply removed my dress, Pam did the same, it only required one glance for him to see that our thighs and stomachs were slick with the juices of the night. His eyes widened. He only had a sheet covering him and he whipped it off to display his erect cock, 'I suggest you join me and tell me all about it,' he said. We got on the bed one on each side.

As I began to tell him of the night's activities he turned me on my back, mounted me and eased his cock in. He became more and more excited as I described what Cem and I had done, before I reached the end he groaned and shot his load up me, I kissed him passionately. 'Good Christ,' he panted, 'that's the best fucking I've ever had with you, you have no idea what it felt like fucking in your cunt filled with another man's spunk!' I finished telling him of my experiences then I said, 'I reckon Pam ought to tell you what her night was like, if she's okay with it you can fuck her if you like!'

Well, of course Fred's cock was all limp and useless and Pam said, 'What am I supposed to do with that?' 'Don't you know how to get him hard again, Pam?' She shook her head, 'No, I told you that I'm not very experienced.' 'Well,' I told her, 'what you do is to suck his cock into your mouth and lick and suck all the spunk and cunt juice off it, he'll get hard soon enough!' Pam seemed a bit reluctant but bent over Fred just the same and did what I told her, in less than two minutes Fred was hard. He mounted her and eased his cock into her cunt, the first woman, other than me, he'd ever fucked since we met. Pam told him her story which included the fact that Ali had sucked her clit, which was when I'd heard her howl, then described the four fuckings she'd had. Long before she had finished Fred had cum again, which she obviously loved.

Fred was completely fucked after this and dozed off. Pam and I moved anto the other bed and repeated to each other the bits we most enjoyed, we were both incredibly turned on after telling Fred our stories and being fucked once again. Pam then kissed me, the first time I had a kiss from a woman that was undoubtedly passionate. I returned her kiss and before we knew it we were playing with each other's clit until Pam skewed round and started licking. I'd never even seen another woman's cunt before that night, now Pam's sloppy cunt was wide open just beneath my face, I just had to return her licking and sucking. Of course there was a lot of spunk everywhere, which I was used to tasting but, obviously, I had never tasted another woman's cunt. I found that I liked it immensely and I must have swallowed mouthfuls of the mixed juice while Pam was doing the same, we both came and came until we were exhausted. Then we slept.

There was a really charged atmosphere when we woke, we were all still naked and one's mind immediately became filled with sexual thoughts. 'No, no more,' Fred protested, 'if we're going to repeat this, I need to recover a bit for tonight!' So we eventually showered, dressed and went out, very late, for breakfast. We discussed about what we should do that evening and decided to follow the course of events. The details of this I will leave for the next instalment, in the meantime Pam and I were constantly visiting the toilet to cope with the spunk and juice that was still leaking from us, it made us feel extremely sexy.