Written by Mary

10 Apr 2009

Continuing my stories of how I got more and more turned on (and shagged) by my parents' friends when I was just 18 and looked (as they all told me) only 15 or 16. I was sitting there watching the football on tv with my dad and several of his mates. I was dressed in a black mini dress, no tights, heels and a bra and pants. I was dressed ready to go to a party.

One guy sitting opposite me was Jim and he kept looking up my dress. It was quite difficult to hide my knickers from him because my chair was low and my dress was so short. After a time, I gave up trying but I could see that he was looking up my dress a lot more than at the TV.

At that time, I was not turned on by that, even though I looked around the room and had been shagged by at least two other men there. My dad would have killed me (and them) if he had known that these mates of his, in their 40s and 50s had fucked his little daughter who they had known for years. Anyway, that night I expect to get enough from one of the guys at the party.

Things took a turn when I discovered that the party was at this Jim's house and that he and his wife were going out and leaving their son at home with a pile of us schoolfriends. Jim, quick as a flash, offered to drive me there after the game finished on tv. Suddenly, my mind started working and my fanny started twitching. I realised he would probably try it on with me or at least chat me up in the car. I decided to play a game and went upstairs. I changed my pants and put on a while pair of knickers and went back down to watch the game again. I was getting very wet.

I could tell immediately, Jim had noticed a flash of white instead of black and I let my legs open just slightly so he could see even more. It was very subtle and I was careful to make sure nobody else (least of all my dad) could see.

Anyway, the game ended and Jim gave me a lift to his house which was about half an hour away. He did not waste a minute before starting to stroke my long dark hair and neck as he drove. He seemed to know exactly how this turned me on and I started shifting in my seat. Then he asked by changing my knickers! It was a joke but got me going and I then realised it was not my imagination, he did want me. He told me how he had fancied me for ages and would love to make me feel good, as he put it. I was getting hornier every second as he commented on how nice my tits were and how he (along, it seems, with all my dad's mates) remembered lusting after me when I was sunbathing in a very small black bikini in our garden.

Anyway, he parked the car in a disused side road by the old Battersea Power Station. I knew what was coming and boy did I want it. He leant across and gave me the slowest, longest and most amazing snog. Just really nice and nothing but tongues and lips for minutes. I was all over the place and just dying to feel his cock. I reached down his jeans and started to slowly wank him. He quickly moved his hands up my dress and into my knickers.

I was soo wet and then he pulled my pants down and off and in no time was down eating my pussy. While he was fucking me with his tongue, his hands were all over my tits. I had undone my bra and he was pulling and pinching my nipples while he brought me off with his tongue. I was absolutely in heaven. My dress was virtually up to my waist and unzipped so my tits were out. Anyone walking past could see everything. I was begging him to fuck me. He then started teasing me, saying "but you are little Mary" and I said "Well go on and fuck Mary's cunt, fill her up with your spunk". I have come to realise that older guys really like you to talk dirty. He was telling me how long he had waited for this.

I kept telling him to hurry up then and give me it. We got into the back of the car, me with my dress coming off and him fully clothed but just with his zip open and his fat cock sticking out. He kept getting me to tell him what I wanted and how much I liked fucking older men. That was easy but he wanted me to keep saying "fuck my young cunt. this schoolgirl needs to be fucked." Then bang, he slid right up me.

His cock was very wide and stretched me. It felt amazing as he pumped hard into me and kept telling me about all the times he had wanted to grab me and shag me. He kept talking about how nice my tits had become and how much he and his mates wanted me and how they had often talked about shagging me. He knew, of course, that I had been shagged by two of them before. They obviously had said I was up for it. He joked about gang bangs which I said would be great. He said my Dad would kill them if he knew what they were doing to his "little" daughter. I told Jim about being shagged at school and giving blow jobs on the school bus.

Like the others, he seemed to remember all those times when I had walked around the house in a tee shirt or bikini or in my school uniform. He also loved my tits and kept biting my nipples while he fucked me harder and harder. It was amazing. Really good sex. It lasted about 20 minutes and then I had the task of smartening up for the party!

I would rather have gone home to bed with or without Jim. I was really shagged out. That night at the party, I got screwed (quickly and hard) by Jim's son Andy against a kitchen wall, so (unbeknown to either of them) I was fucked by the father and son within a few hours of each other.