Written by mathsfuck

5 Mar 2012

Having recently left my teaching job, i started my own home tutoring business , targeting 7-16yrs old in Maths. The demand is so much that my diary for the week is full all the time. The added advantage also been , i get to meet the mothers, normally bored housewives, who also enjoy male company. Been divorced, 46 yrs old, 5ft 9 and quite fit, I have enjoyed several encounter with the mothers with no strings attached sex.

On of them been Michelle, 35 year old mother of 2, petite but with lovely 34DD breasts, blonde and sex starved. Her husband is always out in the evening networking or at business dinners working for an investment bank. I started tutoring their 8 year old son, who at private school was lagging behind.

Upon the 1st meet, I found Michelle very attractive and we hot it off very quickly. It soon became apparent we fancied each other and that she was getting enough sex to satisfy her. She began to wear , more revealing tops and shorter skirts and always offering a drink after the tutoring session in her conservatory. Her husband would be out while her son played upstairs.

One evening the session began to get flirter and we ended up snogging each other. She started very expertly pushing her tongue deep inside me while I massaged her lovely breasts. Her nipples were enormous, and very quickly became very hard. She began to moan with pleasure while I sucked her tongue, squeezed her nipples and her hands were softly wanking my cock .

I layed her on her back on the large leather sofa. Pushed up her short skirt, exposing a very tight tong and an extremely wet shaven pussy. i began to kiss her ankles, moving up

her thigh, and then kissing her wet tong. Her moaning became heavier, she wanted me to finger her. I left index finger slid inside her, while I started lick her clit . She was soaking , I continued to finger her hard and my tongue began to lick her deep.

'Fuck me quick' , she whispered. I pulled down my trousers and put on a condom on my erect 8inch cock. I helped her to take her tong off and pushed her legs wider. My cock slid inside her and she screamed a little while i started to fuck her. She get saying 'hard babe, you feel good'. My speed increased until I felt her nails dig inside me and climaxed . I continued to fuck her until I shot my load.

We snogged for a while and quickly dressed, knowing he son could come down anytime.

Since then , we have continued to fuck on after every session (normally 2 a week). I have taken her out and ended up in a posh hotel with an all night sex session.

(details to follow)