Written by victoria_tv2003

8 Apr 2008

Last year I heard of a good dogging place just outside Worthing. After a daytime visit to suss it out, I decided that it would be worth a visit. That night I took a lot of care getting ready; smooth all over, make up perfect, then I put on my red skirt suit over my black lingerie and barely black seamed stockings. I was already feeling very horny as I clipped on my earrings, check my hair in the mirror then slipped into my 4 inch black patent heels. As I walked to the car it felt so sexy hearing my heels click on the road and to feel the cool breeze reaching up my tight skirt to the bare flesh above my stockings.

When I drove into the site it appeared to be empty but a quick cruise round revealed that there were already three or four cars parked into the side. I looped round then came back in and parked up opposite two parked cars.

With one last thought of 'it's now or never!' I opened the car door and stepped out. I walked passed the two cars letting them see me in what light there was. As I approached the first car I noticed that the driver's window was opened. I strolled slowly passed and saw that the driver was watching me and slowly wanking himself. Without a word I reached into his car and took hold of his cock. It wasn't the biggest ever but just a nice size. He reached out and stroked my bum through my skirt. Stepping back I eased my skirt up to my waist and pulled my black lace panties to one side releasing my already hardening cock. He looked at me then opened his door. Crouching I leant in and took him into my hot wet willing mouth. He groaned and lay back in his seat as I sucked him very slowly.

At this point I heard footsteps behind me and saw that the guy from the second car was standing watching. As he did so he opened his trousers and pulled out his cock and wanked himself. As I sucked I watched him get hard. He was much longer and thicker than the first guy - too be honest - just a bit tooo big! I whispered to the first guy whether he wanted to fuck me. From his eager nodding I took it that he did!

Handing him a condom and lube from my handbag, I turned to the second guy and bending over I took him into my mouth. Jeez he was eager - no sooner had I took him into my mouth than he was fucking my lips! I felt guy 1 feeling my ass then pushing a well lubed finger up my tight ass pussy; closely followed by his cock. He took his time letting me take it an inch at a time then he gently fucked me. By now guy 2 was so turned on that he pulled his cock from my mouth and wanked furiously 'til a thick string of cum spurted into my open mouth and over my cheek and chin.

Guy 1 continued fucking me; turning me onto the bonnet of his car until he pulled out, removed his condom and gave me a second facial bath. He may not have been the bigger cock but he certainly shot the bigger load!! and I loved it!

When I got back to my car I drove to the end of the road then stopped. Putting on my interior light, I looked in the mirror to see that both had given me a rather large amount of cum most of which was now dripping from my chin!

I couldn't wait to go back again - but that is my next story!