Written by Lucky Guy

30 Oct 2012

A quick recap. My wife Liz has been enjoying her lover for twelve months now. An earlier adventure Long Great friday was submitted back in February and seemed to be enjoyed by a few readers. here goes with a further adventure of those two. Her lover Adam has a dry weather bike which only saw light of day a few times last season thanks to our hit and miss weather.

They arranged to meet at a car park near us and he was taking her on the bike to Whitby over the Moors. She was dressed in a blue and green low cut strappy top with a thong hidden by a short summery skirt. Thankfully the day dawned fine and she was ready to meet him and leave me continuing to recover from a hip operation which confined me to home for a few weeks. She left with me sitting in the sun looking at a picture I took on my phone with her flashing her bum and thong afters flicking her skirt up sexily as she walked out of the door to the car and their rendezvous.

They met some ten minutes later and I had my cock to nurse gently for the rest of the day. This was a super time for me. I sat happily in the sun and dreamed of what their adventure was developing for the lovers as I slowly stroked my cock lost in lust for what they might be doing.

They rode to Whitby, Liz having changed into jeans and a more windproof leather jacket which she had taken in readiness of the thrilling ride he gave her on two wheels. I knew she was ready for a ride of a different kind. They arrived and enjoyed a walk and stretched their legs before having lunch and a snog on the harbour side, then eventually set off back towards York.

Adam took them to a woodland just off the road near Pickering, turned down a lane and stopped the bike out of sight. They found a small clearing and Liz got a blanket from her shoulder bag and they sat down in the woods and started kissing. She felt his cock over his jeans and then he helped her out of hers and stripped her down to her thong quickly, which is his favourite way, getting her naked as soon as possible, easing her thong to one side and began to lick and tongue her willing pussy and making her writhe with joy as he sent her towards an orgasm. They took some pics to give me an idea of what they had been up to and I got some lovely reminders of her taking his prick in her mouth and him licking her pussy and one of his cock disappearing into her cunt. They apparently fucked together fo quite some time and at some time changed round as I got a penetration shot from behind as he shagged her doggy style. These pics did not come via his phone, but from Liz's own digital camera, I saw them when she returned home later that day.

They had been fucking naked together for a half hour or so before he came, shooting his spunk in her as she came,begging him for him to shoot it up her. This was the first time they had bareback sex after the dissatisfaction experienced by condoms.

It was early evening when my well fucked wife returned home back in the clothes she left in, having changed at a pub on the way home. She entered our house and locked the front door then sought me out enjoying the diminishing rays of sunlight as evening approached, lifting her skirt she flashed a thongless fanny, shaved to a Brazilian and looking very juicy. I followed her upstairs and she lay on the bed and opened her thihs. I was naked in an instant and went down between her thighs and licked a salty taste into my mouth. His spunk still in her and a gift for me from the seaside, beats a stick of rock any day, but I could think of a use for that as well. Pretty soon I knew I had to release my day's pent up emotion and sadly I could not hold back long enough to satisfy her as I would have done in my dreams but reality can be cruel. Liz had been well treated and enjoyed letting her lover enjoy her trim body and generous breasts.