Written by Sandra

6 Jan 2013

If you are not up to date with my previous listings just search under Sandra and you will be able to get the background. For those of you that have read my previous listings you will be aware that I am a married woman of twenty years. I never dreamt that when I married my husband I would be in the position that I am today. My first boyfriend was a very dominant character and I absolutely adored him and loved the way that he treated me with very little respect. But once I met my husband my life changed as he is such a loving and caring man and we have been so happy. In recent years we watched porn dvd,s and we would fantasize about me being fucked by someone else. Then my husband started asking about my old boyfriends and one in particular which was jimmy my first boyfriend. I was reluctant at first to talk about him but eventually we would include him in our fantasy. In time I played my part with me instigating him and we had great sex on the strength of it. Then as time went on my husband started asking me if I would let him fuck again which I refused to do point blank. Then when I had to go away and look after my sister I let another man fuck me and became an unfaithful wife, but I told my husband on my return. Instead of him being angry he just loved every single detail and once again started talking about jimmy fucking me. So in time I gave in and contacted jimmy and he has been fucking me ever since.

This has turned out to be a turn on for us both and my husband is aware of how jimmy is still treating me like a slut and degrading me. Jimmy fucks me around three nights a week and I relate the details to him on my return home. It is impossible to tell you just how I feel about being treated with contempt but I really do love it. It is also such a turns on for my husband and he loves to hear that jimmy calls me a slut and a cock loving bitch. Jimmy tells me that I am someone to empty his balls in into and that my husband does not deserve me. To me it is music to my ears but afterwards it makes me realise just how much I love my husband. He even gave me a pair of his wife’s soiled knickers and I thought he wanted me to suck them. But he told me I had to give them to my husband clean with his tongue. My husband but now it has got to the stage where jimmy told me that was going to fuck me in front of my husband. regularly cleans my knickers after jimmy has fucked eating his spunk and my juice.

When I gave them to him I told him that jimmy said that he had to clean them so he proceeded to lick them while wanking. The thing is my husband feels that jimmy is superior to him and he will submit to his demands just as I do. I have now told him that jimmy will be coming to our house where he will have to watch jimmy fuck me in front of him. He does not really want to watch but asked if he could stay in the spare room and listen. I said I would ask jimmy if this was alright but he flatly refused saying he is calling the shots not my husband. We arranged for jimmy to come round Thursday night as is wife was away overnight. My husband was on edge for two days and wondering if he could actually handle seeing me fucked for real. He has been fine with me getting fucked and me telling him all about it. But he said this will be different I will be watching his cock disappear up you pussy, my pussy and I know he will be crude and arrogant. Well Thursday came round very quickly and my husband was really on edge. Then there was a knock at the door it was jimmy and I let him in, now it was too late there was no going back this was going to happen. As I walked into the lounge jimmy was feeling my arse under my skirt, eeeerrrrrmm nice no knickers just how I like you. I introduced him to my husband and he patted him on the head then turned to me and said bedroom. As we walked up stairs he had his hand up my skirt feeling my arse while sliding a finger over my pussy lips. When we reached the bedroom jimmy said to my husband sit and watch. My husband sat in the chair beside the bed and watched as jimmy ordered me to undress him which I did, and then he unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I stood there naked as jimmy dropped to his knees and started to like my pussy as he ordered me to open my legs wider. I shivered from head to toe as his tongue found my clit as he shouted open you cunt bitch let me in. He then stopped and turned to my husband and said is this what you wank about? Is it. My husband said nothing when jimmy said I can,t hear you hubby is this what you fucking wank about, Me and you slut of a wife. My husband voice trembling answered yes then jimmy said let me see your cock, What, just get your cock out. Reluctantly he opened his jeans and pulled his cock out jimmy said very nice Jimmy is about the same length as my husband but twice as fat. Look at this hubby soon it is going to be buried in your wife’s cunt. I was nervous because I did not want my husband to feel belittled in any way. I know he loves to fuck me after jimmy has filled me with his spunk but now he had to sit and watch. I ha d thought for a slight moment of stopping this but jimmys authority over me is so great that I will always submit to his demands. And it was my husband that first instigated this reunion with jimmy by always telling me that this is what he wanted. Jimmy then ordered me to lie on my back and spread my legs. Then he stoked my pussy lips with his cock and turned to my husband and said see this cock, it’s going to be filling your wife’s cunt. Then he pushed forward slowly until he was fully buried inside me. Slowly he withdrew before slamming back in to me hard over and over, hey hubby look how she takes my cock just like she did all those years ago before she met you. Like it do you?, my cock fucking your wife and making her cum just as I always did. I will fuck her now cos she is my bitch and she can,t say no can you Sandra. I was loving him talking like that, he is right I cannot say no then I screamed fuck me ,jimmy ,jimmy, jimmy, fuck me. I glanced over at my husband and he was wanking and I saw him spurt spunk into the air and cried, fuck her jimmy, fuck her. It seemed like we were in a scene from a porn film but this really was for real it really was happening. All this talk sent me over the edge I climaxed which made me feel faint but a warm glow filled my body. The night did not end there and jimmy fucked me twice more and again the next morning. After jimmy left my husband and I had a long talk about what happened and he said he loves more than ever and I feel the same about him. There are plans for jimmy to come to our house the moment but my husband wants me to carry on letting jimmy fuck me. I know for anyone reading this it might seem bizarre or fiction but I can assure you that this is reality with which we are both happy with. So for the foreseeable future we will continue and I think that I have the best of both worlds.

Love sandra