Written by Another Knight

17 Nov 2017

It had been a while since Liz and her lover had been able to get together, almost a year in fact. However it occurred that he was away on a course and an opportunity had arisen which gave them the ability to meet at a facility where the accommodation was fairly relaxed in a university sense, separate rooms en suite and no curfews. Liz asked if I minded her going and I said I would be very pleased if she did because it would do her good to have fun with him again after so long.

It was Wednesday, the day of their meeting. It naturally dragged like time does when you are anticipating an exciting act like your wife being fucked by another man.

I was on a prior arrangement that I could not get out of so had to be content with seeing her preparing her clothes and getting in the bath to wash and shave her pussy and pamper herself in preparation for her lover.

My meeting was ultimately quite a good deflection for my mind although a glance at the clock had me wondering if she was taking his cock at that particular time or whether she was naked or whatever else they may be doing. I was pretty certain that chess was not on the curriculum.

Getting home I looked at my phone hoping that she might have had some sexy secrets revealed as to what was happening at the location some forty miles away.

Eventually she came through the front door. I was still up and asked if she had enjoyed herself. We kissed and I felt her breasts, her breathing increased, more heavy and loaded with intent. I asked about her meeting and she said we should go upstairs. It was almost 1.30 in the morning but I was in a very sexy mood having waited in suspense for her return or at the very least, have got a photographic record of events. She sent her lover a message and a few minutes later a highly erotic slide show of the meeting tumbled onto my screen.

She suggested we went upstairs and stripped off then she was going to tell me what happened.

Once naked and on the bed I asked for her story. She arrived and met him at the building where he showed her his room and they had a quick snog and he a grope of her bum before they went out for a meal at a restaurant. He was delighted that she was there and they talked and caught up on the months they had been apart. After the meal they went to a bar and met a colleague of his who was in the same complex and doing the same course. Having a few drinks with Liz not drinking due to driving home later, they walked back to the complex an hour or so later. Liz was guided into her lover's room once back at the building, his room being on the third floor overlooking the car park. Being quite liberated in their fun, the curtains were left open so anyone looking could see her being stripped naked and fucked as they cavorted. His love of her cunt being evident as he spent lots of his time with her licking her open slit and smothering his face in her juices.

I looked at the shots of his cock against her freshly fucked cunt lips, the spunk flowing down to her bum. She told me his licking had brought her off very quickly, she thought he was rampant and might shoot his load too quickly but he was able to fuck her very satisfactorily, making her come three times and when he did spunk in her she said it gave her loads of lovely come. As she prepared to leave, he said that his mate was in room two on the ground floor and he was feeling very randy, so if she wanted some more, she might knock on his door and get some more cock. She asked if he was serious and he said he was. Liz felt even naughtier then and dressed and left her man and went downstairs, found his room and knocked. The door was answered with him in just a pair of underpants concealing a big bulge, he let her in and closed the door.

For the second time that night she was stripped naked and fell to the bed sucking his cock and enjoying the difference from what she had just enjoyed, not as wide as her lover, but a touch longer, his pre cum tasted sweeter and his foreskin thinner but more slippery, the pre cum plentiful. He said she was a dirty girl fucking strangers then talked dirty to her, telling her to suck his cock and asking if she liked it and if she wanted his spunk in her cunt to which she answered yes. He asked if she would let him fuck her arse and she nodded. He told her to get into doggy style. She produced some lube and he used it on her arse and his knob, then gently slid it home, taking his time and letting her dictate the pace. They fucked like that for a couple of minutes and then he filled her arse with spunk. A dramatic orgy like finish to a frantic fucking night. Back to our bedroom, I inspected her used body and saw the mess in her thong, wonderful. She admitted it was a very strange night and she did not understand her actions as the guy who had her second was nothing special, but seeing her lover had seemed to light a touch paper inside her so she did as he wanted and loved it.

Next morning at breakfast I said I was proud of her and she said she might do it again if it was as much fun. I am sure she will, I told her to tell her lover that they could come to ours and I could see here taking two cocks if she wanted. That brought a big smile and a thoughtful look.