Written by Traveling man

28 Dec 2012

The two Germans 29/09/2012

[ ] We had eaten our dinner in the hotel restaurant so we moved up to the bar to have some more wine, when we got to the lounge bar there were no free seats only two by a table with two German men at a corner table, We went over and asked if the seats were free and if so would they mind if we sat there, one of them who spoke some English answered that it was ok and that we could join them.

I asked Pat if she was sure and she said yes let's do it so we finished our drinks and followed Mitch to their room, when we got there Mitch pored some drinks out and we sat around chatting, then Hanns said that I will put on some music which he did and then asked Pat for a dance by this time Pat was unsteady on her feet due to not being used to drinking vodka so Hanns helped her up and they started to smooth in time with the music, Mitch and I were watching them then the music stopped and Mitch said its my turn to have a dance with Pat so when the music started Mitch and Hanns swopped places Hanns sat down with me and we watched and chatted for a while and again the music came to an end Hanns then said my turn again but Mitch had other ideals and started to dance with Pat again so Hanns just got up and stood behind them so now Pat was dancing with the two of them one at the front and one behind her and as they were dancing I could see that their hands had started to wander one was feeling her bum and the other was feeling her tits this went on for a little while then Pats skirt was being raised and one had his hand inside her knickers rubbing her pussy while the other started to unbutton her blouse, Hanns looked at me and when I just smiled he took it as the go ahead, they removed her blouse and bra and were unbuttoning her skirt as it fell to the floor Pat just stepped out of it, Mitch started to slid Pats knickers down and these to fell around her ankles which again she just stepped out of Pat was now completely naked dancing with two men, I must admire that I was now are hard as rock.

We sat down and made ourselves comfortable and ordered some drinks from the waiter the waiter brought our drinks over and we sat there looking around talking to our selves when one of the Germans said its my birthday today and I am 37 years old, we wished him a happy birthday and carried on talking to each other, when the German had finished his drink he beckoned the waiter over to order more for him and his friend and he asked us if we would like to have a birthday drink with him to which we said that we would and he ordered for vodkas and tonics (Pat does not drink vodka but did not like to say) The drinks arrived and Pat tried her drink and said this is not so bad you can not taste it only the tonic so she carried on sipping the drink. We were all talking now and the two German men were in the hotel for a few days more then they were going back to Germany to work, we told them that we had another two weeks of our holiday to go before we had to go back home to the cold.

The drinks were flowing and Pat said I can see nothing in this vodka and had another drink she then stated that she needed a pee and went to get up but her legs were shaky I helped her up and she made her way to the ladies I stayed there talking to the German men and they asked if we would like to go to their room and carry on drinking I said Maybe some other time but when Pat came back they asked her and she said why not let's have a birthday party.

Both men now had removed their shirts and were slowly undoing their trousers while still dancing, now all three were naked Pat was rubbing both of their cocks and both cocks were now hard so that made the three men all with stiff cocks.

[ ] Pat lowered herself to her knees and started sucking the cocks in turn, both cocks were much the same size not big but big enough for me to see the action. Pat was sucking away and every now and then she would look at me and smile, Pat carried on sucking both cocks for a while the the two men moved her over to the bed, layer her down and one was licking her and the other one was being sucked, Pat must of had at least four or five orgasums and then the two men swopped ends and again Pat was having orgasum after orgasum then Hanns knelt between Pats legs and started to rub his hard cock up and down the slit of Pats pussy and then Pat gasped as he pushed his cock all of the way in right up to his balls he then started with slow strokes in and out getting faster and faster all the time he started to breath heavenly and started fucking Pat like a steam engine and he gave out a loud cry and he shot his load deep inside her pussy he removed his cock from Pat but he was soon replaced by Mitches cock and he to was fucking Pat hard and getting faster and faster until he to deposited his load right up inside her, he removed his cock and thanked us both for making his birthday one to remember. Pat then went to the bathroom to take a shower she got dressed and we said our good byes and returned to our hotel room where it was my turn to fuck Pat.