Written by strangedaze

23 Jul 2007

i used to be in the army, and recently, got a call from an old army mate who had found me out from friends reunited, my wife and i live in cornwall, my mate comes from worcestershire and informed us that he had gone through a marriage break up etc, anyway he asked if it was ok to visit us, by all means we said, and last week he came down for a few days..typical ex army, we went out on the booze , reminisced about the old days,and had a great laugh..anyway on the last night we had been to the pub my wife my mate and myself,and were all a bit merry when we got back home, on went the music.up he got dancing around , dragging my wife to her unsteady feet, i cracked the whisky open and poured us all more drinks,.they had their arms around each other and i went up behind my wife and was pushing myself against her...oh she likes two up my friend said, ive never had the pleasure said my wife , on that i put my hands on her tits and started massaging them.her hand went right on my mates cock and he cupped her cunt, i lifted the sweater she was wearing over her head. letting her heavy tits fall out of her bra..i took the bra off as they were both feeling and rubbing each other, ..my wife got his cock out of his trousers and he had his hand up her skirt..lets do this properly i said and helped my wife out of her skirt as my mate stripped off, they sat next to each other and were kissing rubbing and fingering as i stripped off, i sat next to my wife and sucked on a tit while watching my mates fingers play with her wet cunt, she was wanking him slowly she was groaning and lifting her bum off the sofa...my mate got in between her legs and started licking her cunt , boy it was mind blowing .my wife was holding her cunt lips open as he sucked and darted his tongue in and out of her hole, ...she moaned ,,oh fuck me and on that my mate positioned him self between her thighs ,.his knob nuzzling in her cunt hole..slowly he workesd his cock right up and started steadily fucking her..she was moaning and gasping ..lifting her legs right up gripping his arse cheeks.grinding herself hard on to his cock, he started fucking her faster and the sound her wet cunt was making was something else, her cunt was taking a real hard fucking and she was loving it , ,,i remember her saying that she wanted to fuck him...so he was on the floor on his back and she got on top of him and impaled her self on his cock..letting it go right up to his balls, then she started riding him, squatting on her haunches .and fucking his cock off him....her tits with her lovely big juicy nipples were slapping backwards and forewards..she was telling him how she was going to fuck him till he was going to spunk up her, i put my cock in her mouth and she fucked and sucked, till she started to cum.she then just ground herself deep onto his cock, and came and came again...we got her to sit back on ther sofa and took it in turns to fuck her, he emptying his cum up her first her legs waving about as he shot his cream into her, as he pulled his cock out to let me get up her his spunk oozed out..and with her pussy still gaping i fed my cock into her .and fucked her hard ..blowing my cum right up her...needless to say , my mate asked to stay another night ..but thats another story