Written by ianleslleyanne

28 Dec 2008

hi, i have posted on here before but this time lesley is here helping me. we are a \"normal\" couplle, her 49 me 47ut for the last 2 years she has had andn admirirer in the bulgarian village in which we live.

he is a rather cute 30 year old.

ihave always had unusuasl tendencies, i wear ladies undies all the time and daughter helps choose them, to the point where we share them.

i would also like to suck of a man while he is shagging my wife

well this happenned a few days ago.

i had left bulgaria to work in the uk for a while, but got the chance to nip home, which i did, and she asked me to sort out the bedroom as she wanted her admirrer to fuck her, i was fine but said i wanted to join in, she just knew i wanted to suck him off (not wrong there then) .

as he was not knowing i was there they started shagging on the couch,you should have seen his face when he opened his eyes to find me kissing my wife with my hand round his cock, he had 2 choices, carry on or stop. i had told lesley though that if i cant play then neither can they.

with this she took his cock in one hand and mine in the other and wanked us both off.

later on though you dont realise how horney it is to have your wifes hand feeding a cock into your mouth while scks you with a strapon

there will be more to follow