Written by DelBath

28 Sep 2010

Hi all..this is the first time ive posted for over 18 months due to ife takng its toll..well where to start, its been a hectic few years, wife has had illness and thats meant very por sex life, she is gettign better now but still no sex life, its quite frustrating really, as im sure some will know, anyway, we also lost a close friend through cancer, told you it was tough year, but as things unfolded over the last fw weeks you will see a pheonix out of the ashes..

My mates wife who has been really low since his passing has recently been stopping with us we can call her jane, we stay with her as well and all get on great, she has told me in secret as we are very open with eachother, that a guy at work has been making suggestions to her, wanting to take her out and have some no strings fun and what should she do, he is married i said and asked how she felt about that, she said she prefrred the thought f that at the moment as she did not a anyone clingly, just a bit of fun woulkd be great as it had been nearly 3 yrs since she had anything and was quite a highly sexed person before her hsbands illness. I was feeling a little confused and if honest jealous, as she is a really nice looking women great figure and from what my mate told me was a really good bed partner..I said thas not fair and she said what.letting some scuss bucket at work have fi andhere is me having to go without, she looked at me a bit awarkwardly and said, that she never knew that I would even look at her, ad besides she was my wifes freind. I said if you were her friend you might think about helping her husband out of a frustrating life..she smiled and said so convenient for you guys to just do what you want with who you want. was starting to get arroused and think she noticed as a grin came over her face, she said, supposed we did fool about, when could we meet as we lived over 100 miles away from eachother, I had a cunning plan when we stay it s me that gets up at 7am most mornings as wife lays in and walks the dog, jane sometimes comes withme and we chat about everythng..

so it was arranged that next morning when i got u to walk the dog she would come as wel and we would go off into the woods...next morning came round and I was up with the larks, ready to see if jane was as horny as i expected..she woke and came down as i was geting ready to walk the dog..still in her nightie, a pink silky nmber and her niples were really prominent, she said tha she had laid awake thinkng about us and how nice it would be but also how gulty see would feel so decided that she was not going to come along, the dissapointment was very evident in my look as she sheepishly said sorry, she came over and went to hug me and I grabbed her close and said its ok..I understood,but also said I had a very nice dream about us last night, it was really horny..she was so intrigued she asked me what we did...I startd to tell her and she was still quite close, I could see her nipples really erect and her low cut top was showng me a really nice pair of tits...I was talking to her, telng her how we kissed and I had slid my hands down her top caressing her and listening to her moan, her own hands had sametime tucked temselves between her legs which were closed tight...she was biting her lip whe i leant forward and kissed her she responded and I let my hand caress oe of her breasts feeling the way to see if she stopped me, my wife was asleep upstairs and jane started to moan a little...as i tugged her nipples...I let my other hand follow hers between her legs and she pushed me back a little loking into my eyes to say something but i kissed her deeper and harder..se let me feel her wetness opening her legs a little...I whisperd to her tha I wanted to fuck her now..she just said yes now..I need you inside me..I had showered and was nice and fres as i said to her tha i wanted to feel her mouth on my cock..as i had not had a blow job in along time...I unziped my cock and too her hand guiding it onto me..she gently stroked it and loked atme grinning and saying your so bad...leanig into me she let her lips close over the very end of my cock her tongue was flickig over it...I eased her head lower...and she sucked me deeper..taking all of me..im 7 inch and quite thick but she took it all deep..stroking my balls sametime and leaving one hand to rub her own clit..fuc it felt good..she was expertly sucking and flicking I wanted to explode then and there it had been so long..I rwached down to her breasts and massaged them as she sucked me...pulling her head a little and kissing her before she went back to suckng me..I want to fuc you now i said...she smiled and just eased herself forward..her cunt was realy wet and her clit swollen....she never let go of m cock as she guided it inside her...kissing me as it went inside her...I was massagein gher breasts and suckking her niples as she started to ride me a little harderr..getting a little noisey. She whispered intomy ear that she did not want me to cuminside her, but that sewanted to suck my cock and taste me...fuc that was horny...I was very close to shooting my load it had been a long time, im cumming soon i said...she leapt off and nelt in front of me taking my dripping wet cock into her mouth looking u at me as she did..suckng and wankig me into her mouth as i felt the pressure really start to build..i jerked and felt the hot stream of cum shoot to the back of her throat, but she kept suckng wanking me and really getting harder..she was fingering herself sametime and I grabbed her hand and sucked her fingers...she knlet up to me kissing me sharing a litle of my own cum with her wet mouth...my cock ws not going down..it was loving the attention I want to fuck you again now....she was a bit reluctant as we had heard a little bit of stirrin up stairs but it had gone quiet again...fuck me from behind she said..turning and lowering herself onto me..I could see her reflection on the glass door of a unit...she was pullng a great face as she stroked herslef between her legs as was fucking her deep, im sure we were makng noises but had lost careing..just suc a great feeling fuckng this really sexy women who I had if hnest fantasised about often..I had to put my hand around her mouth as she climaxed..one hand pulling her into me the other stifflng her cries...we bot felt her juices running down our legs, I pulled her head round to me and kissed her squeezig her tits hard as I was stil inside her...Im gogto fuck you every chance i get I said to her.she said that she was hoping that would be very very soon....the last few weeks have been very hectic, but bot of our texts and cals have been really hrny.she has made me cum twice tellng me how she was touching herself thinkg about our first fuck..ad how she cant wait to see me soon, she is not seeing the guy at work..funy that...